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America Hester
  The Scarlet Letter
.... husband was abroad. Her husband, Roger Chillingworth, comes to America just as Hester is being pilloried. He determines to remain ....
(1911 8 )

Scarlet Letter
.... husband was abroad. Her husband, Roger Chillingworth, comes to America just as Hester is being pilloried. He determines to remain ....
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Characters in The Storm and The Scarlet Letter
.... is over." In contrast to Calixta's brief moment of rebellion, Hester Prynne will .... In Puritan America, society was one in which the individuals and their actions ....
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The Scarlet Letter (1990 Version)
.... The character of Hester is changed the most from the novel to the film. The film begins with her arrival in America and not with her trial and punishment for ....
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Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter
.... It is evident that Chillingworth is more sinful than either Hester or Dimmesdale, because .... a name which was often used for a doctor in colonial America, at the ....
(2104 8 )

Shaping Personal Identity in Hawthorne & Kingston
.... women be unsullied in their virtue, the depiction of Hester Prynne remains .... Tigerso Kingston indicates that Chinese girls growing up in America believed that ....
(2182 9 )

Several Essays on Literary Works
.... Hester has sinned by committing adultery, and though her husband may have been at fault for sending her to America without him, she is still equally guilty of ....
(3169 13 )

6 Essays on Native American Thought & Behaviors
.... Washington, DC: University Press of America, 1982. .... essays relate an on-going debate between Callicott and his differing academic peers, Hester, McPherson, Booth ....
(4037 16 )

Image of Indian in 19th Century Historical Novel
.... The inevitability of America's manifest (white) destiny and a presumption of white .... the narrative purpose of mentioning that work is to have Hester and Pearl ....
(3859 15 )

.... human being", the morality in the sense of shame borne throughout life, as a sort of invisible Hester Prynne "A .... "How Could a Catholic Vote That Way?" America Feb ....
(1544 6 )

Nokia Corporation
.... Business America, 114(12), 16-17. Frigo, M., & Litman, J. (2001, December). What is strategic management? Strategic Finance, 83(6), 8-10. Gross, AC, Hester, ED ....
(2252 9 )

American Art and Architecture 1. Seventeenth-cen
.... Sloan's McSorley's Bar (1912) and Luks' Hester Street (1905) display their .... two of the major conduits for European modernism in early twentieth century America. ....
(8919 36 )

The Organization of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
.... He lacks the generosity of Hester PrynneÆs heart in The Scarlet Letter, a woman .... In the poem On Being Brought from Africa to America, Phyllis Wheatley provides ....
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