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Betty Parris
  The Crucible
.... Suddenly Betty started wailing and it distracted her. By the time she was fussing over Betty, Parris had rushed into the room. She ....
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Witchcraft Hystreia in Massachusetts
.... In particular, two girls, Betty Parris aged nine, and Abigail Williams aged eleven, showed the first sign of things being amiss. ....
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Salem Witch Trials of 1692
.... status" (Hill 2). One of his daughters, Elizabeth, known as Betty, and his .... telling, knowing that they were doing something of which Reverend Parris would not ....
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The Crucible: A Recommendation
.... As Mrs. Putnam tells Parris, ôThe DevilÆs touch is heavier than sick. .... Betty and Mary try to tell the truth about Abigail, but fear and panic have so pervaded ....
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McCarthyism in Arthur Miller's The Crucible
.... You mistake yourself, uncle!" Parris responds with anger: "I saw it! . .... up" and names names of people she says she saw cavorting with the devil, Betty jumps in ....
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Arthur Miller - The Crucible: Explore How Characters Illustrate ...
.... Despite seeing some Puritans like Danforth and Reverend Parris as hypocrites or rigid and .... We see this when she explodes at Betty Paris who says she knows she ....
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