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Genetic Chemistry & Cancer Drugs

.... In 1998 the National Cancer Institute (NCI) awarded a grant of $5.5 million to create Chemistry-Biology Centers at Harvard University, the University of ....

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Environmental Engineering

.... 4-6). 2. Environmental Chemistry and Biology -- The first technical chapter addresses basic facts, processes, and scientific tenets to descr. ... ....

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The Science of Sociology

.... considering the field of sociology, many researchers reject the idea that it may be classified as a science in the same sense that biology and chemistry are. ....

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.... My classes have included general biology, molecular cell biology genetics, general chemistry, organic chemistry, as well as statistics, general education ....

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Gentically Engineered Foods

If the 20th century is known as the century of physics and chemistry, the 21st century will be known as the century of biology. ....

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Environmental Science and Ethics

.... Subsumed within environmental science are aspects of geology, biology, chemistry, and ecology and the human activities of business, industry, and population ....

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Scientific Method

.... Other disciplines such as biology, chemistry and physics are also sciences more than for any other reason because they adopt the scientific method as a way of ....

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Anatomy Physiology

An essay or paper on Anatomy Physiology. 1. What is the homeostatic value of flexor reflexes? Homeostasis is defined as "The condition in which the body.

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Marine Bio.

An essay or paper on Marine Bio.. Biotechnology is a risky business. More than 14000 biotechnology companies have been founded since 1980 but only five are on record ....

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