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Congress FTC
  Association of National Advertisers v. FTC
.... Consequently, Congress gave the FTC the authority to limit rebuttal and cross-examination, deciding not to require trial-type procedures which could "paralyze ....
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Do Not Call List
.... Despite the efforts of Congress, the FTC, and the FCC, the courts are viewing the registry as impinging upon free speech rights guaranteed by the US ....
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Wiener v. United States (1958)
.... Congress created the FTC with the restriction that members could be dismissed before the end of their term only under certain circumstances. ....
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Case Issues
.... The FTC stated that sites that choose to ignore the warnings given will be .... The federal Antispam Bill was introduced in 1997, but Congress has been unable to ....
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Marketing Fast Food to Children: Analysis
.... or severely restricting all TV advertising to children, but this failed to pass as well, and in 1980 Congress refused to approve the FTC's operating budget and ....
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E Commerce Fraud Pathfinder
.... The FTC also provides a database called Ecommerce and the Internet. .... http://thomas. [Congressional bills and legislation - Library of Congress] 6 Case ....
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Web Popup Ads
.... implemented all four practices (Rules 4). This report came on the heels of an earlier report issued by the FTC known as Online Privacy: A Report to Congress. ....
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Aspects of Alcohol & Alcohol Abuse
.... In 1990, the FTC testified before Congress that there was no conclusive evidence of a causal relationship between advertising and overall alcohol consumption ....
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.... The election of a Republican controlled Congress means that the reform legislation will have no chance unless it .... "Credit Bureaus Dismayed By FTC Disclosure Plan ....
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Chinese Legal System
.... The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress exercises the function and .... purchase form contracts generally call for payment by the FTC by means of ....
(2210 9 )

Child Safety and the Internet
.... A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation of 1402 websites found that 92 percent .... when the user is a child, and this is why Congress recently enacted COPPA ....
(2594 10 )

Synopsis for Thesis: The Securities Act of 1933 Securities Act of ...
.... Supreme Court, Thompson had a bill ready for presentation to Congress in March .... provided for a twenty-day waiting period instead, allowing the FTC to evaluate ....
(3248 13 )

TOBACCO LEGISLATION This research paper summari
.... FTC Chairman James Miller said "if people want to smoke that's their business .... opposition to the industry's excesses, however, began to appear in the Congress. ....
(5149 21 )

Controversy Over Subliminal Advertising Subliminal advertising has ...
.... of the studies of Vicary, Packard, and others, the US Congress and the .... in regulating the use of subliminal advertising is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). ....
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Subliminal advertising
.... of the studies of Vicary, Packard, and others, the US Congress and the .... in regulating the use of subliminal advertising is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). ....
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.... However, the FTC reported that identity theft complaints accounted for 42 percent of all .... Fraud and the Internet A. Impact A 1998 report to Congress by the ....
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Internet Censorship
.... as the Bill of Rights, states under Amendment I that "Congress shall make no .... Keeping the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from playing a regulatory role in the e ....
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History of Japan and WWII
.... The FTC found that the recommendation was not illegal for the cotton weaving industry and .... Washington, DC: Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, 1990 ....
(2728 11 )

Ethics in Marketing
.... The petition also asked the FTC to require that newspaper and magazine ads for .... But when the Congress banned cigarette from radio and television in 1970 ....
(3831 15 )

IAMS Bibliography
.... 11, 2003). PETA tells FTC Iams' Web site distorts truth. Dayton Daily News, D1. Sekhri, R. (Nov. .... 11, 2001). Congress Daily, 10-11. Results from new tests. ....
(4210 17 )

Monopolistic Practices Microsoft, Inc.
.... Department of Justice (DOJ) began investigating the company based on FTC findings .... In his testimony before Congress, Michael Szulik (2001), CEO of Red Hat Linux ....
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