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Dolls Ibsen
  A Dolls House
.... 27 Apr. 2005. Ibsen, Henrik. A DollÆs House. Minneola, NY: Dover Thrift. 1992. ôA Dolls House. Theme Analysis.o 2005. 27 Apr. 2005. ....
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Ibsen's A Doll's House
.... 27 Apr. 2005. Ibsen, Henrik. A Doll's House. Minneola, NY: Dover Thrift. 1992. "A Dolls House. Theme Analysis." 2005. 27 Apr. 2005. SparkNotes. ....
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Ibsen & Glaspell
.... He used to call be his doll-child, and he played with me the way I played with my dolls. ... .... You're to blame that nothing's become of me" (Ibsen 1236). ....
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Henrik Ibsen
.... Ibsen uses the gap between appearances and what is real to make us question why reality is the way it is and what .... And the children in turn have been my dolls. ....
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Nora's Departure in A Doll's House
.... understood that A Dolls House must be read as feminist critique, that Nora left the house because she wanted equal rights, and that this makes Ibsen himself, a ....
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Feminism in the Victorian Era in A Doll's House
.... be captive in a ôdollÆs houseo of patriarchal construction, (Ibsen, p. 104). .... female autonomy and intellect, manipulating women as sexual objects or dolls. ....
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Freud's View of Women and Culture
.... The case that Ibsen made, that Beattie makes, that feminist commentary makes, is the .... She carves wooden dolls, and plans to sculpt a bust of a "laughing Crhist ....
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