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Drug Programs
  Drug Education Programs
Drug Education Programs. .... «MDUL»Publishers Weekly«MDNM», «MDUL»239«MDNM», 23. Overview of drug education and prevention programs. (nd) Reprint document. ....
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Model Drug Intervention Programs Introdu
Model Drug Intervention Programs Introdu. Model .... Behavioral approaches should always be included in all drug intervention programs. They ....
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Effectiveness of Alcohol/Drug Prevention Programs This report ...
Effectiveness of Alcohol/Drug Prevention Programs This report examined the effectiveness. This report examined the effectiveness ....
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Legally Mandated Treatment Programs
.... On the other hand, it may be that these programs suffer from the same retention-rate problems as the drug programs discussed above. ....
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Teenage Drug Use in the United States
.... loses self-control. This is precisely the reason why drug prevention programs are so important. Secondary prevention programs, or ....
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Alcoholism as a Major Problem in the US
.... patterns. In California, the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs collects data on indicators of alcohol abuse. Statewide ....
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.... well. As the problems of drug use and related crimes increase, more direct anti-drug programs have to be developed. Indeed, Nancy ....
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Drug Addiction Models: An Evaluation
.... also produce long-term outcomes that are characterized by lower rates of recidivism than those associated with most outcomes-based drug addiction programs. ....
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Drug Courts
.... moving through the judicial system and it involves collaborative effort to help the user deal with their substance abuse problem: Drug Court programs bring the ....
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.... Specifically, drug education programs must dispel the myth that everyone is using drugs by including components that acquaint participants with local statistics ....
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HIV Prevention & Needle Exchange Programs
.... However, even in these cases there has been difficulty in implementing such programs because of drug laws and drug paraphernalia laws in many states that make ....
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Pretrial Drug Testing
Pretrial drug testing programs were described by Neubauer (2004, p. 240) as based on several assumptions: "First, knowledge of a defendant's drug use at the ....
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Drug Use and Abuse by Teenagers
.... As a group, drug-prevention programs are offered in educational, social, and legal settings, the last-named being associated with incarceration, and overlapping ....
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Employee Assistance Programs and Domestic Violence
Employee Assistance Programs and Domestic Violence. .... It was estimated by the National Institute of Health that drug and alcohol problems cost society $246 ....
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Imprisonment of Nonviolent Drug Offenders
.... 52). Drug courts focus on treatment, sentencing offenders to drug programs rather than prison. The results have been promising. ....
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Youth Drug Use & Prevention
.... Adequate coverage and sufficient follow-up are critical in creating effective drug-free schools programs. Most drug prevention programs are notoriously brief. ....
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Drug Testing in the Workplace
.... Such decisions are important for employers with respect to drug testing and comprehensive substance abuse programs that include rehabilitation efforts. ....
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Drug testing in the workplace
.... Nonunion private sector employers are free to implement drug testing programs under the employment-at-will doctrine, but some states do recognize exceptions to ....
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.... Drug diversion programs have achieved some notable successes (Jenkins, 1992a). .... Drug diversion programs have achieved some notable successes. ....
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Drug and alcohol Addiction
.... The three modalities tested most were: methadone maintenance programs, drug-free outpatient programs, and residential therapeutic communities. ....
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Legal Issue of Workplace Drug Testing
.... Nonunion private sector employers are free to implement drug testing programs under the employment-at-will doctrine, but some states do recognize exceptions to ....
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Annotated Bibliography on Drug Education
.... The impact of drug education and prevention programs: Disparity between impressionistic and empirical assessments. Evaluation Review, 21(5), 589-613. ....
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Adolescent Drug Abuse Drug abuse a
.... drugs. Dyer and MacIntyre explore ethical issues in connection with for-profit programs versus non-profit drug abuse programs. They ....
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Drug Abuse
.... is the employer's group health insurance program, which may provide coverage of drug abuse treatment or provide an option for such programs at reasonable costs ....
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Youth Training Center for Drug Abusers
.... Since the program was initiated two years ago there have been increases in the number of youths completing drug treatment programs and obtaining their high ....
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Moral Analysis of Drug Addiction
.... option. David Courtwright also opposes rehabilitation and treatment programs in favor of criminal sanctions for drug use. Courtwright ....
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Drug Testing at Work
.... Drug Testing Network) Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have drug-testing programs and require .... (Drug Free Workplace Programs20088)Drug Free Workplace Programs. ....
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Drug Abuse by Teenagers
.... Alcohol, and Tobacco Education (DATE) programs, stated that the government must begin a process of "seriously reevaluating" drug education programs aimed at ....
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Drug Abuse
.... for the reduction or elimination of drug abuse should focus on drug abuse interventions among susceptible young people via school- or family-based programs. ....
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Alcohol/Drug Problems for Children of Alcoholics
.... 168-169). Drug education and prevention programs such as the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program reaches children through the school system. ....
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