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  Veterinary & Animal Ethics
.... Chapter 2: Veterinary and Animal Ethics. Philosophical assumptions are made by veterinarians, just as they are made by other professionals. ....
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Philosophical Theories
.... He would find a closer philosophical kin in the ethical naturalist, who at least agrees with him hat ethics are defined and determined by human beings. ....
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Philosophical Views Refusal of Medical Treatment
Philosophical Views Refusal of Medical Treatment. In .... life. In such cases, the ethics of death are immediately brought to the fore. ....
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Philosophical Discussion of Manipulation
Philosophical Discussion of Manipulation. MANIPULATION (Source: Kant, Immanuel: "To the Metaphysical Elements of Ethics" (1952) Chicago: Great Books of the ....
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Third Party Tax Preparer Ethics
Third Party Tax Preparer Ethics. .... Further, the analysis considers fiduciary responsibility, obligations to the tax system, and philosophical principles. ....
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Morality, Ethics and Human Behavior
.... 1989, p. 2). The chapter defines morals as ôprinciples of behavior in accordance with standards of right and wrongo and ethics as ôthe philosophical study of ....
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Personal Theory of Ethics
.... ethics. For this reason, the critic Richard Rorty has labeled Kant an inverted Platonist, a philosopher who has essentially replicated Plato's philosophical ....
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Two Cases in Business Ethics
Two Cases in Business Ethics. The principles of three philosophical theories will be used to interpret two cases in business ethics. ....
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Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics
.... In Nicomachean Ethics we see that self-sufficient contemplation of truth by the .... right life, ie, exercise of ration through contemplation if philosophical truth ....
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Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
.... To put it another way, politics is the context for the philosophical structure and development of ethics, a point that takes up the whole of I.2. In fact ....
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Utilitarianism and Kantian Ethics
This study will examine Utilitarianism and Kantian ethics in an attempt to devise an alternative approach to ethics using both philosophical schools. ....
(1891 8 )

Ethics and Aesthetics of Post War France
.... The last major philosophical figure we will cite to provide a proper context for our examination of the rethinking of ethics and aesthetics by the mid-20th ....
(3796 15 )

Philosophical Concepts in A Clockwork Orange
Philosophical Concepts in A Clockwork Orange. This study will use examples related to the topics of religion, self-identity, freedom, and ethics from Anthony ....
(1605 6 )

Kant and Mill on Deontology, Ethics, and Utilitarianism
Kant and Mill on Deontology, Ethics, and Utilitarianism. Deontology as developed in the philosophical system of Immanuel Kant and utilitarianism as presented by ....
(1192 5 )

Philosophical Principles
.... what he found through his own sensibilities and philosophical thought. .... In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle identifies political science as the discipline that has ....
(4734 19 )

MacIntyre Ethics
.... De Bretton Platts, M. Moral Realities: An Essay In Philosophical Psychology. Routlege, NY: 1991. Denise, TC and Peterfreund, SP Great Traditions in Ethics. ....
(3905 16 )

Ideas of Milton Friedman
.... military ethics, movie and television ethics, science ethics, sports ethics, and so on .... the Friedman Way On the other side of this philosophical coin, there is a ....
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Philosophical Views of Aristotle & Plato
Philosophical Views of Aristotle & Plato. .... In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle carefully considers the issue of responsibility and finds that the human being is ....
(2823 11 )

Ethics of Evolution
.... If ethics were a byproduct of human intellect, then acting in an unethical .... this problem, both defined by Hume: "reasons in a strict and philosophical sense can ....
(1235 5 )

.... 1985, pp. 9-15). Ethics is defined as a philosophical discipline concerned with human conduct and moral decision making. It searches ....
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Ethics and Western Discourse
.... is just one example of a major Western philosopher who took ethics as his .... is the beneficiary of several thousand years of serious philosophical examination of ....
(1163 5 )

Servant Leadership and Social Work; Ethics
.... Sherwood, DA (2007). Moral, believing social workers: Philosophical and theological foundations of moral obligation in social work ethics. ....
(2392 10 )

Existentialism & Sense of Community & Ethics
.... and abstract existence of man in general, as in earlier philosophical works. .... which is put at the center of existentialism, and because ethics involves the ....
(2365 9 )

Leibniz's Philosophical System
Leibniz's philosophical system relied on the foundational principles of noncontradiction and .... represented an 'advance' over Spinoza in whose Ethics (1675) ....
(1757 7 )

Business Articles
.... say that lying has no place in business aren't telling the truth." His article takes us more into the philosophical highways and byways of ethics, including a ....
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David Hume: Philosophical and Scientific Skepticism
.... Hume demands philosophical as well as scientific skepticism and a climate of free inquiry, not inquiry limited by institutions. .... The ethics of belief. ....
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Nursing and Ethics & Law
.... Faculty are drawn from those specializing in the philosophical side of nursing .... course then addresses thematic problems and dilemmas in clinical ethics such as ....
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Philosophical Views of Spinoza
.... interplay of parts." To buttress this idea, Spinoza set an example of courage, both personal and philosophical, that was .... The Psychology and Ethics of Spinoza. ....
(1872 7 )

Essays on Ethics Theory & Contemporary Issues
.... A further criticism of AristotleÆs ethics stems from research and theories that distinctions .... Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello provide a philosophical mean for ....
(2124 8 )

Capital Punishment from a Philosophical Perspective
.... In any case, there is evidence that some philosophical rethinking of capital punishment is under way .... "How to Argue About the Death Penalty." Ethics: Theory and ....
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