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Indian Affairs
  Government Domination of Indian Affairs
Government Domination of Indian Affairs. The federal government dominated Indian affairs throughout most of the twentieth century. ....
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The American Indian Movement
.... members of AIM drew attention to the plight of American Indians in modern times by taking over the headquarters of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington ....
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Pan-Indian Movement
.... In an 1865 analysis of the consequences of the war for various Indian tribes, an Indian Affairs commissioner remarks that most of them had made treaties with ....
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RI Public Agencies
.... Other stakeholders also include the Department of Children and Family Welfare of the State of Rhode Island, and the federal P 8 a4 ŠBureau of Indian Affairs. ....
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The History of Native American Education
.... Led by John Collier, who was appointed as commissioner of Indian affairs in 1933, the recommendations of the Merriam Report were widely implemented. ....
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Keeping Families Together Family Preservation Practice refer
.... Evaluative data was obtained from: (1) surveys conducted by the Association on American Indian Affairs through 1975; (2) 1988 reports by the Bureau of Indian ....
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Haida Culture
.... By 1966, the Department of Indian Affairs redefined its role in the Charlottes and changed into more of an impersonal bureaucracy to manage Indian political ....
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Aboriginal Groups & Canadian Government
.... of this system is the Indian Act, which essentially transforms elected chiefs and band councilors into federal employees of the Ministry of Indian Affairs. ....
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Social Services of Alberta INTRODUCTION The general purpose of thi
.... also include Alberta Social Services, the provincial government (other than Social Services), the federal Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development ....
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California Indians and Public Education During
.... historical experience of the community as the context for all learning (Cummins 7). Beginning in the 1880s, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) established 18 ....
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Custer Died for Your Sins
.... For the most part the people lived in log cabins and tents. Indian Affairs was regarded as merely a matter of administration and record keeping . . . ....
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Recruitment for Employment in Federal Government
.... of 1934, which terminated or conflated various tribes and which obliged the Indians to ratify the Act or lose all New Deal benefits, Indian affairs were under ....
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Writer Louise Erdrich Louise Erdrich, like many of the charact
.... Erdrich's parents worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs as teachers on a nearby North Dakota reservation and she recalls that her father regularly recited ....
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American Indian Treaties AMERICAN INDIAN TREATIES This research ...
.... militias. Article I, Sec. 8 of the new Constitution reserved the regulation of Indian affairs to the federal government. Congress ....
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Struggle of American Indian in Modern America
.... William Medill, Polk's commissioner of Indian affairs, advocated establishing "colonies" for the Indians beyond the Mississippi. ....
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Indian Tribes and Gambling
.... of this position have proved to be complex, and subject to modifications by the reservations' federally appointed trustee, the Bureau of Indian Affairs. ....
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American Indian Cultural Values
.... between Indian and the established power structure of the United States--at Alcatraz, at Wounded Knee, at the Bureau of Indian Affairs--Robert Burnette and ....
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Indian Health Care Improvement Act
.... Indian health and education bills. FDCH Congressional Testimony, 1 October. Swindell, B. (2002). Indian affairs will focus on health. CQ Weekly 60(43): 2926.
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Cherokee and Seminole Strategies against Indian Removal
.... Thus, the Court ruled that only the federal government could have authority in Indian affairs ("Worcester v. Georgia" 1). Georgia's actions had merely been ....
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The Indian Wars
.... He remained active in Indian affairs, averting an uprising of the Utes, and was involved almost up to the time of his death in 1891. ....
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Indian Wars & Battle of Wounded Knee
.... rebellion. Management of a tense situation was scarcely helped by conditions that then prevailed in the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Under ....
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Native American Identities
.... the American nation confronted the Indians with "a diversity of authorities, both official and unofficial," and responsibility for Indian affairs was divided ....
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Indian Tribes & Gaming on Reservations
.... While elective posts were filled these jobs often entailed mere obedience to Bureau of Indian Affairs agents and no reservation "self" government even ....
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Legal Gambling on Indian Reservations
.... While elective posts were filled these jobs often entailed mere obedience to Bureau of Indian Affairs agents and no reservation "self" government even ....
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Indians In American Film
.... polarity of ônobleo or ôbloodthirsty and vicious.o Despite Indian actors organizations and both the Association on American Indian Affairs (National Film ....
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The Iroquois
.... However, New York state, in 1888, tried to regain control of Indian affairs. The Whipple Committee was appointed to study and investigate the Indian problem. ....
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Custer Died For Your Sins
.... Regarding the reservation system, Deloria contends that the policies and regulations of the American government, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) failed ....
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.... 283-5). From 1886 to 1932 the Bureau of Indian Affairs joined traditional Christian missionary societies to thwart Peyotism by all means possible. ....
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Society & Native Americans Q
.... Question 3: As early as the mid-Nineteenth Century the Committee on Indian Affairs, recognizing that the United States was running out of land , had proposed ....
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The Cherokee Nation
.... Although boarding school education was not initially a major part of the government's Indian policy, Congress and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) reasoned ....
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