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Japan Findings
.... The findings revealed that, although Japan is generally considered to aa western style free market economy, significant differences exist between Japanese and ....
(1649 7 )

Trade Relationships Between the US & Japan
.... Findings The differences between the environment that American companies face and the environment in Japan can be significant. For ....
(4886 20 )

Japan-US Trade
.... Findings The differences between the environment that American companies face and the environment in Japan can be significant. For ....
(4907 20 )

ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES and Japanese Business
.... The findings revealed that, although Japan is generally considered to a western-style free-market economy, significant differences exist between Japanese ....
(1527 6 )

Joint Venture Operations
.... Conclusions Two principal conclusions were drawn from the research findings. .... BIBLIOGRAPHY AD AMS Research Group, Managerial Behavior in Japan and the USA. ....
(1367 5 )

Marketing in Japan & the US
Introduction This research compares marketing practices in Japan with those in the United States. The findings of this research are presented within the ....
(1797 7 )

Terrorist Operations Findings In the course
Chapter 4 Findings In the course of the 1980s, Americans -diplomats, military .... message of Pearl Harbor was twofold; first, that resisting Japan's interests in ....
(10281 41 )

International Training Trends & Japan
.... Among the findings so far in the needs assessment, the KMG has discovered .... major Japanese companies is ready to receive an email message from outside Japan. ....
(2233 9 )

1980s Bubble Economy of Japan
.... The findings of this examination are presented discussions related to background information on Japan, an introduction to the Bubble Economy, a review of the ....
(2612 10 )

Japanese-Brazilians and Ethnic Identity
.... and findings: "(1) the ethnic experience of Japanese-Brazilians in Brazil and the problems they face in terms of their ethnicity after migrating to Japan and ....
(861 3 )

Forming Impressions of Personality
.... Correlated findings from the data were reported .... The young placed less value on God than the old in Western Europe and Japan more than in North America and South ....
(1412 6 )

Adolescence and Diabetes
.... a For this study adolescents aged 10 to 18 years were studied from 21 centers in different countries (North America, Europe, and Japan). Findings showed that ....
(6140 25 )

.... business visitors who will be spending an extended time in Japan, and offer .... SUMMARY OF KEY FINDINGS Branding is considered a critical success factor for those ....
(7749 31 )

Japanese Culture
.... Benedict finally foreshadows Christopher's findings when she notes Japan's ability and willingness to learn quickly from its mistakes, including the mistake of ....
(1552 6 )

Public Management of the UK & Japan
.... of Britain's PA reform effort, PA reform in Japan, selected examples .... Findings suggest that: Practical experience in countries with widespread problems of low ....
(9730 39 )

Japan & Asia's Economic Development
.... The findings of the research performed are presented as follows: Chapter 2 - MODERN JAPAN'S ROLE IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY Chapter 3 - ASIA'S POTENTIAL FOR ....
(9559 38 )

.... The conclusion drawn from the findings of this investigation is that the elimination of the major sources of wage inequality in Japan is feasible. ....
(3283 13 )

Japanese Mangement Techniques Applied to Factories
.... applied (White & Trevor 6). White & Trevor's Findings White & Trevor begin their analysis with an examination of employment practices in Japan, focusing on ....
(2990 12 )

Early-Modern Political Development of Korea
.... In 1910, Japan declared that Korea was a Japanese colony; thereby putting an end to the hopes of the .... The findings of this examination substantiated this thesis ....
(2267 9 )

American Auto Industry & Foreign Competition
.... to be) of major significance in the economic development of Japan (Bellah, 1957, p .... Both the findings of the literature review to be conducted for the proposed ....
(2308 9 )

Marx, Revolution and Capitalism
.... Trimberger made extensive studies of France, Russia, China, Japan and Turkey .... However, Skopol and Trimberger's findings indicated that, while states were greatly ....
(1602 6 )

Allied Forces Strategic Bombing Against Germany
.... CONCLUSION: RESULTS IN EUROPE COMPARED WITHTHOSE IN JAPAN The findings of the research presented in the preceding discussions indicate that Allied strategic ....
(4743 19 )

Nutritional Compliance & Hemodialysis
.... Findings showed that for US patients, 147 missed 699 treatments in a 6 month period. Japan patients showed 0 missed treatments per 100 patients-months for a 3 ....
(3435 14 )

.... in Japan and operates through subsidiary corporations located in every global geographical region (Sony Corporation, 2002). The presentation of the findings of ....
(1180 5 )

Five Women of Japanese Society
.... or the common pickled radishes found on the tables of Japan's lower middle .... Findings from other authors were cited as Sato presented information in an organized ....
(1968 8 )

The Use of Total Quality Management
.... Total Quality Management in Japan The American Quality Study (Benson, 1991) revealed several in teresting findings regarding Japan and the practice of TQM. ....
(5281 21 )

Effects of Early Childhood Education Programs Introduction Do chi
.... In this regard, the findings are disappointing. .... to Caminiti (1991), the United States should study the preschool education of students in Japan, Kenya, Denmark ....
(2344 9 )

.... Findings showed that for US patients, 147 missed 699 treatments in a 6-month period. Japan patients showed 0 missed treatments per 100 patients for a 3 month ....
(3690 15 )

International Air Cargo Business
.... 13 Summary of Findings ..... .... The major sources of friction are United States-to-Asia traffic via Japan and the United States-Singapore ....
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.... to be extended to other relationships and to generalize findings and conclusions .... 77-99). The clusters was workers in the Japan, Korea, and the United States. ....
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