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Kevin Kelly
  Voice Studio Technology
.... Importance of the Study Kevin Kelly (2001), himself a professional singer and voice teacher, has stated that the most effective methods of teaching are those ....
(9923 40 )

Contemporary Cults
.... 1997: 35. Melton, Gordon. "Why Cults Flourish." Interview with Jay Kinney and Kevin Kelly. Whole Earth Review Spring 1987: 48-54. Pollitt, Katha. ....
(3403 14 )

Types of Computer Crimes
.... 1989): 49. Hofner, Katherine, Port, Otis, Lewis, Geoff, Kelly, Kevin, Shao, Maria, Hawkins, Chuck, and Angiolillo, Paul. "Is Your ....
(2300 9 )

The US Airline Industry
.... 27. Sheehan, Paul. "What Went Right." The Atlantic Monthly, August 1993: 83-88. Kelly, Kevin. "Midflight Correction? Reregulation ....
(1695 7 )

American Concept of Federalism
.... Kelly, Kevin. "Leave It to the States: And It Won't Get Done." Commonweal, 9 February 1996, 11-13. McClay, Wilfred. "A More Perfect Union? ....
(1914 8 )

TQM in the Banking Industry
.... Making tough decisions. San Francisco: Jossey Bass Publishers. Port, Otis, Carey, John, Kelly, Kevin, & Forest, Stephanie A. (1992, 30 November). ....
(5631 23 )

Incentive Travel Factors
.... Forum indicates industry recovery will take a while. Hotel and Motel Management, 202, 204-205. Kelly, Kevin. (1994, 10 January). Keep those seatbelts on. ....
(3503 14 )

ADULTERY AND THE MEDIA Introduction This rese
.... "The Kelly Flinn spin patrol." American Journalism Review 19.7 (1997): 12-13. .... The New Republic 210.5 (1994): 8. Payne, Gregory, and Kevin Mercuri. ....
(2801 11 )

Motion Picture Special Effects
.... Goodman to play Babe Ruth in a stadium that no longer exists; Kevin Kline to talk to himself in the movie Dave; and Paula Abdul to dance with Gene Kelly in a ....
(2013 8 )

America and the California Dream
.... and critique the book, Americans and the California Dream: 1850-1915, by Kevin Starr. .... William Kelly, in 1949, saw "one lad shorn of the rims of his ears, and ....
(3001 12 )

Influence of Japanese Architecture on Frank Lloyd Wright
.... 149-64. Nute, Kevin. "Frank Lloyd Wright and Japanese Art. .... Smith, Norris Kelly. Frank Lloyd Wright: A Study in Architectural Content. Rev. ....
(2350 9 )

Gay Students
.... Kelly and others (1987) and negative attitudes among the general population and .... Kevin Berrill, director of the task force's Anti-Violence Project and author of ....
(9675 39 )

Gay Students in the 1980s
.... Kelly and others (1987) and Negative attitudes among the general population and .... Kevin Berrill, director of the task force's Anti-Violence Project and author of ....
(9730 39 )

Medical informatics and pediatrics article
.... Authors: Johnson, Kevin B.; Feldman, Mitchell J. Citation: Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Dec 1995 v149 n12 p1371(10 .... [46.] Kelly JT, Toepp MG. ....
(8445 34 )

Abuse of Gay & Lesbian College Students
.... Kevin Berrill, director of the task force's Anti Violence Project and author of the group's annual report, told a Capitol Hill .... Kelly, Jeffrey A., and others. ....
(9548 38 )

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