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Search Results for Knowing Subject

Search Results for Knowing Subject

Karl Popper

.... he believes in science so firmly - as we see in both of his essays "On the Theory of the Objective Mind" and "Epistemology Without a Knowing Subject" is that ....

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Discourse, Knowledge and Location of Subjects

.... part of the speaker and the listener, but discourse is also influenced by the location (psychically as well as otherwise) of the knowing or speaking subject. ....

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Ad hominem fallacy

.... For example, if A makes a statement B, then C attacks A as being an unreliable person, or not knowing the subject B well enough to talk about it. ....

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Teamwork in Business Settings

.... Much of the literature on this subject addresses the formation of teams, leadership on .... commented that one of the keys to good communication is knowing how to ....

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The Words by Sartre

.... Whether the subject of the text--the child Sartre himself--is typical or atypical of all children is less important than the evidence the adult Sartre is ....

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Dashiell Hammett

.... In laconic and knowing prose, hardboiled fiction presents a cynical worldview, a picture .... as well as other salient features of character, is the subject of this ....

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Death and Endings

.... of knowing what lies on the other side of death's door makes us all fascinated with endings, and the fact that most parts of the world are subject to at least ....

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Plato and Socrates on Government

.... his mentor Socrates guiding his listeners on analyses of the subject of government .... The ideal presented may be an all-knowing statesman or an ideal constitution ....

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The Family Life of Ralph Josselin

.... of the research will be to set forth an analysis of the subject matter of .... Knowing that the interpretation is going to be paramount, we find it an uncomplicated ....

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David Bach's The Automatic Millionaire

.... While there are many books that deal with this subject, Bach's approach is different. Knowing the difficulties of maintaining a budget, Bach forgoes the ....

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.... As an art, the teacher must know the subject completely and be able .... what it means to teach, instruction, the learning process, knowing student characteristics ....

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The Road Not Taken

.... The subject is choice, its limitations, and its real and imagined consequences. .... Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way,. ....

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Foucault's Hisory of Sexuality

.... danger of sex while seeming to make it again a subject for open .... open transgressions, when anatomies were shown and intermingled at will, and knowing children. ....

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Foucault's Views of Sexual Repression

.... danger of sex while seeming to make it again a subject for open .... open transgressions, when anatomies were shown and intermingled at will, and knowing children. ....

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The Art of War This paper will revie

.... Its subject matter and reputation also attracted the attention of this reviewer. .... Preparedness also means knowing when and when not to engage in battle. ....

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Curriculum materials for Law Enforcement

.... materials specific to the discipline of law enforcement vary with the subject matter .... should be noted that possessing the items is not the same as knowing how to ....

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Iran-Contra Scandal

.... Kwitny relates his specific subject to the Iran-Contra scandal at several points, so .... abuse of power without much of the rest of the government knowing about it ....

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Arab Poet Abu Nuwas

.... poems in order to demonstrate the unique style and often disreputable subject matter of the .... but counters that the woman berating him is one "Not knowing as yet ....

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Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"

.... The subject is that choice and the difficulty in making it, and the poet is speaking here not merely of a choice of real .... Yet knowing how way leads on to way,. ....

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.... In many of Emily Dickinson’s poems the subject matter pertains to death and human .... By accepting Christ and knowing he suffered to give her eternal life in the ....

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