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  Highway Speed Limit New Jersey Govern
.... of the impact of raising the speed limit in New Jersey will be the actual highway accident figures in New Jersey following implementation of the law for about ....
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Megan's Law Statutes
.... Since the passage of New Jersey's law, each of the remaining 49 states and the federal government has passed similar legislation. ....
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School Funding and the Law
School Funding and the Law. .... In 1998-1999 the estimate per pupil expenditures varied from a high of $10,149 in New Jersey to $4,291 in Mississippi and a low of ....
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Sports Law
.... of the New Jersey court ruled that the NCAA ôcontrols access to college athletics through its members, and therefore must be bound by disabilities law,o ....
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People v. Peter Ripkin, New Jersey
.... SHORT CONCLUSION: Ripkin may be charged with harrassment and burglary pursuant to New Jersey law, but issues regarding lacking but necessary elements of ....
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Ethics: When is justifiable to violate the law?
.... "On the Power of Human Law." Readings in the Philosophy of Law. Ed. Arthur and Shaw. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1984. 3-12. Austin, John. ....
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Increasing Penalties for Drunk Driving Repeat Offenders
.... Under the Drinking and Driving Law in New Jersey, first-time offenders are supposed to lose their license for six months to one year; two-timers for two years ....
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John Marshall and the Law
.... Marshall took the view that "the Supreme Court must give preference to the fundamental law--the Constitution--and declare .... Morristown, New Jersey: Silver Burdett ....
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Racial Profiling
.... they are stopped, detained, and often given harsh treatment by law enforcement officers merely because of their skin color. New Jersey practically created ....
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Racial Profiling
.... racial profiling will remain controversial and some law enforcement officials will continue to abuse their power. WORKS CITED Anonymous. New Jersey to pay ....
(799 3 )

.... use of racial profiling by local and state law enforcement agencies, DOJ intervened forcefully to resolve the disarray within the New Jersey state government ....
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Sexual Offender Registration
.... Since the passage of New Jersey's law, each of the remaining 49 states and the federal government has passed similar legislation. ....
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Legal Clarity
.... Kenneth Oettle writes in New Jersey Law Journal that law needs to focus on categorizing information in order to make it easier to understand. ....
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Sex Offenders
.... At this time, 38 states require that local police be notified when a release is imminent, and now the New Jersey law calls for authorities to notify community ....
(1631 7 )

Policy Analysis: Same Sex Marriage Introduction
.... Why New Jersey is a friendly forum for gay marriage. New Jersey Law Journal, 169(6), S1-S4. Massachusetts Court System. (2003). ....
(1411 6 )

Denying the Witnesses Motion
.... New Jersey statutory law also states that no such privilege exists under this statute if there is sufficient evidence to warrant a finding that the services of ....
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Analysis of Televised Court Case
.... the prosecution put on several witnesses who testified that William pointed the gun at Christofi, which is an illegal act under New Jersey law and, therefore ....
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Multicultural Law Enforcement
.... Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1995. ....
(750 3 )

Minority Officers
.... New Jersey state police were under investigation earlier for a notorious incident .... tensions and divisions call for efforts on behalf of law enforcement agencies ....
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Drug Courts
.... the New Jersey Drug Courts are characterized by the following aspects: Collaborative links between the Courts, prosecutors, public defenders, law enforcement ....
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LAW AND EQUITY PRINCIPLES This essay summarizes
.... In fact, the developer refused to pay it when the agent made demand therefor which triggered the law suit. On appeal, the New Jersey Supreme Court held for the ....
(4551 18 )

.... In fact, the developer refused to pay it when the agent made demand therefor which triggered the law suit. On appeal, the New Jersey Supreme Court held for the ....
(4588 18 )

Federal Limitations on State and Local Government
.... discriminated against interstate commerce (City of Philadelphia v. New Jersey, 1978). .... Thus, where a Minnesota law banned non-returnable milk containers made of ....
(1838 7 )

Gay Marriage and the Law
.... ôWe stand for judges who strictly and faithfully interpret the law, instead of .... while the states of Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, California, New Jersey, and the ....
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Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act
.... Berkman, H. (1994, August 8). Crime bill critics deride spending. National Law Journal, 16: p. A12. .... Chatham, New Jersey: Chatham House Publishers, Inc. ....
(2236 9 )

Budgetary Coniderations of Environmental Law
.... are, thus, no budget constraints that preclude or constrain the implementation of environmental protection law in Japan. .... Totowa, New Jersey: B & N Books, 1 17. ....
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Seat Belts on School Buses
.... belts (Langford 13). Similarly, the 1992 New Jersey law requires installation of lap belts on new buses (NJSA 39:3B-10). The law does ....
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Racial Profiling
.... Pretext stops and racial profiling after Whren v. United States: the New York and New Jersey responses. Albany Law Review, 63, 725-55. ....
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Three Strikes Law
.... implemented its law in December 1993). Similar legislation was pending just six months later in at least seven other states--Alaska, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio ....
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Racial Profiling
.... Maryland and New Jersey have long used racial profiling as a means of deploying law enforcement resources in an efficient and rational manner. ....
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