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Plain Text
  Computer Crimonology
.... just to see what they contain, somewhat akin to a criminal trespass (Carter, 1996, p. 5). Decryption Process of transforming cipher text back into plain text. ....
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Comp Crime First Half
.... just to see what they contain, somewhat akin to a criminal trespass (Carter, 1996, p. 5). Decryption Process of transforming cipher text back into plain text. ....
(7572 30 )

A Survey of Digital Signature Schemes
.... When this plaintext is converted into hidden ciphers, then the text becomes known as "ciphertext." The act of converting plain text into ciphertext is known as ....
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Cryptography Concepts
.... Authentication is often accomplished via encryption, which enciphers a digital message ùchanges it from plain text to cipher textùso that only the intended ....
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Middle East Peace Process
.... É$a - 0² ¦ 3 K @± Normal a c ( @ ( Heading 1 a 3 Uu " A@= i " Default Paragraph Font B@ = Body Text b " ¦O " Body Text 2 - b ¦O Plain Text c @ " Header a ....
(2352 9 )

Creating a Character Model for W3C
.... the various control codes. W3C standards mostly deal with structured text (as opposed to plain text). It should therefore in most ....
(2121 8 )

Jewish and Christian Interpretations of Genesis
.... their plain sense, whenever the midrashim are not congruent with the plain sense. .... that might in certain cases amplify the apparently literal meaning of a text. ....
(2460 10 )

Social Stratification
.... Please allow a few minutes for the retrieval operation to complete E-Mail Delivery · Text Only · We will send a plain text version of this item to the e-mail ....
(7710 31 )

Analysis of Characters & Text of Emma
Analysis of Characters & Text of Emma. .... Robert and Harriet are the social inferiors of Emma and Mr. Knightley, but the point is that Emma is just plain wrong and ....
(2020 8 )

Information Superhighway
.... year. And as graphics, sound, and animation supplement plain old text, the size of files transmitted is growing rapidly as well. The ....
(3740 15 )

Object Oriented Programming Languages
.... Kay concluded that children learned more through images and sounds than through plain text and, along with other researchers at PARC, Kay developed a simple ....
(7488 30 )

Misogyny in North American Society
.... of the pillar of salt, in the episode of incest between Lot and his daughters following the destruction of the cities on the plain. The text suggests, in Gen. ....
(4576 18 )

Legal Clarity
.... or had used the conventional phrase ôexpanded to includeo the text would be .... more readable for the general public (ôSEC proposes mandating plain Englisho 10). ....
(946 4 )

Production Values of Hamlet
.... To do so, he must interact with an assortment of ambassadors and messengers, and it is plain from the text that this involves a kind of investiture of ....
(4508 18 )

On-Line Newspaper Availability: A Review of Literature
.... Cochran (1995) noted that what was available online through the first half of the 1990s was plain text, much of it not edited at all to take into account the ....
(10062 40 )

Reasons for the US Constitution
.... the mere text, and only the text, and not any commentaries or creeds written by those who wished to give the text a meaning apart from its plain reading was ....
(783 3 )

Creation Stories and Genesis
.... truth and declaring the competing (and opposite) stories just plain silly editorial .... puts more emphasis on the rationale for making the priestly text part of ....
(2466 10 )

Individual Beliefs and Life
.... But as 2 Maccabees makes plain, so do the Jews who agree to abandon Jewish .... The text attributes defeats of the Jews in various battles to the failure of their ....
(2664 11 )

101 Dalmatians
.... the text, but," as Amiran argues, "to do so is to figure the text and so .... her premises be clearly understood means that much more is exposed to plain view than ....
(2309 9 )

On the Resurrection of the Flesh
.... That is made plain in the first few words of the text, which refer to "the heretics against whom this work is directed" (Tertullian). ....
(3217 13 )

The Concept of Angels
.... inasmuch as they warn Lot to take his family out of the plain and not .... are also in close touch with God also becomes evident over the course of biblical text. ....
(1989 8 )

The Blazing New World
.... To see why this is a central argument of the text, it is useful to .... established church was the Anglican religion, as Blazing New World makes plain although it ....
(3120 12 )

A Summary of Statistics
.... Formulas are not everyday language...( starts Harvey J. Brightman in his introduction to this non-text book text book Statistics In Plain English, and thus ....
(7147 29 )

Narrator of Heart of Darkness
.... The first and most important commonality of the women in the text is that not one .... Her dress was an plain as un umbrella cover, and she turned round without a ....
(2563 10 )

Medieval Poetry
.... Like Pearl, Cleanness has a species of narrative that flows throughout the text. .... point: the Flood, the destruction of the cities of the plain, and Belshazzar's ....
(3974 16 )

Teaching Spatial Comprehension
.... type help students learn via manipulative activity how a single spatial plain can be .... or series of lectures on various aspects of the era, read a text titled "A ....
(2571 10 )

Justice Scalia and Judicial Theory
.... c. Scalia inveighs against the techniques judges have used to avoid giving laws their plain textual meaning. .... "A text should not be construed strictly . . . ....
(4259 17 )

Anthropology of Religion
.... then the fact that the ritual has not been reduced to the status of text or doctrine .... Wells, HG The Outline of History: Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind ....
(2813 11 )

Christ's Commentary on Achieving Greatness
.... Together, these passages can be read as an introduction to the text beginning at 20.20, when .... 20.20-28 makes plain, a point to which this research will return. ....
(2501 10 )

Narrative of Life of American Slave
.... By deliberately emphasizing the "simple" truth and the "plain" questions, Douglass .... passage that reads quite differently from the majority of his text. ....
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