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Pre-conventional Level
  Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development
.... is among the most mature of all the characters in the film, his moral response to his father's disciplinary control is at the Pre-conventional Level, in Stage ....
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Moral Judgment Issue
.... People are first at the preconventional level at which they simply defer to authority, but they come to learn to satisfy their own needs and to consider the ....
(3429 14 )

Male/Female Criteria for Moral Judgment The issue of moral judg
.... People are first at the preconventional level at which they simply defer to authority, but they come to learn to satisfy their own needs and to consider the ....
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Shaping of Moral Behavior
.... Children at the preconventional level perceive these moral standards in terms of avoiding punishing or reaping reward. According ....
(3150 13 )

Accounting Ethics: Case Study
.... At Level 1, the "preconventional" level, the individual's moral reasoning is either guided by the Stage-1 reasoning of fear of punishment or the Stage-2 ....
(2554 10 )

Eight Schools of Psychology
.... These stages are the preconventional level, the conventional level, and the post-conventional level (Baron & Kalsher, 2008). At ....
(1062 4 )

Biological Correlates of Crime
.... Lawrence Kohlberg theorized that the development of moral sense progresses through six stages under three levelsùthe preconventional level, the conventional ....
(1906 8 )

Adolescent Development
.... The first level of Kohlberg's theory is the preconventional/premoral level of moral development with the first stage known as obedience and punish orientation ....
(1867 7 )

Exercisers of Power & Morality
.... At the lowest preconventional level, egocentric individuals see the value of human life only as a means to their own needs and they exhibit an obedience and ....
(2665 11 )

Moral Reasoning
.... This could indicate either a preconventional level of thinking, Stage 1, or a law-and-order orientation of Stage 4, or a postconventional Stage 5 adherence to ....
(1841 7 )

Study on Gender Differences in Reasoning
.... The remainder responded at Level One, Pre-conventional Morality, Stage 2, Instrumental Relativist Orientation (5%), and Level Three, Post-Conventional Morality ....
(682 3 )

Intellectual growth from birth to old age
.... six levels of moral reasoning (Gleitman, 1991, p. 600): Stage of Moral Reasoning Moral Behavior is That Which: Preconventional Morality Level 1 Avoids ....
(1919 8 )

Guidelines for Ethical Choices Nursing personnel, perhaps more tha
.... Level I is preconventional morality and involves the egocentric moral development characteristic of young children, certain adolescents, and adult criminals. ....
(4141 17 )

The film "Priest"
.... Level I was labeled Preconventional, and in the first stage the child avoids punishment, while in the second stage the child seeks rewards. ....
(1664 7 )

Moral Development Situation
.... to Kohlberg, people go through go a series of stages of moral development, which he divided up as follows: Level 1 - stage 1 - preconventional morality; stage ....
(575 2 )

5 Stages of Human Development
.... Each of these levels and their accompanying stages can be delineated as follows: Level 1: Preconventional Morality (Ages 4 to 10) At this level, the emphasis ....
(5107 20 )

Developmental Theories 1. Introduction 1 2. Th
.... Level I (preconventional) is divided into judgments based upon rewards (stage 1) and judgments based on beneficial results for self or others (stage 2). Level ....
(4359 17 )

Interpersonal Understanding
.... preconventional reasoning in which they govern their behavior in accord with self interest and with whether they are likely to be punished, proceed to a level ....
(1146 5 )

.... due to reward or punishment for their behavior (preconventional morality .... through an enlightened conscience is Kohlberg's third level (postconventional morality ....
(3285 13 )

Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development
.... Null Hypothesis 3 - Level of moral reasoning will not significantly differ .... Kohlberg's broad categories are: (1) Preconventional Morality (Stages 1 and 2 ....
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