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Search Results for Rawls Bentham

Search Results for Rawls Bentham

Developing an ethical theory

.... From Aristotle to Rawls, the focuses of previous theories have been primarily on honesty, on secrecy to a lesser degree, and almost always on personal ethics. ....

1424 Words 6 Pages

John Rawls' Conception of Justice

.... John Rawls' Conception of Justice. Page Count: 16 Length: 4037 Words. .... John Rawls states two principles of justice which he says are provisional. ....

4037 Words 16 Pages

Rawl's Theories of Justice

.... John Rawls offered a conception of justice as an alternative to the doctrine of utilitarianism in his 1971 book A Theory of Justice. ....

3849 Words 15 Pages

Theories of Rational Thought Utilitarianism, Libe

.... Utilitarianism, Libertarianism, and the John Rawls theory of Justice, are very similar ideas in that they are rooted in the same primary notions of self ....

312 Words 1 Pages