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Sea Moses
  Red Sea Crossing
.... which branches up from today's Red Sea and others believe it included the large delta at the mouth of the Nile in the North of Egypt. Moses' description in the ....
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II Maccabees 12-3: An Exegesis
.... When the Israelites are forced to leave Egypt, they are led courageously across the Red Sea by Moses. Before the miracle of the ....
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.... (22) "So Moses brought Israel from the Red sea, and they went out into the wilderness of Shur; and they went three days in the wilderness, and found no water. ....
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Exodus and Genesis
.... of Exodus and the formation of the people of Israel; namely, the story of Moses. Chapters 14 and 15 concern the story of the parting of the Red Sea during the ....
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A Sermon
.... But we know that Moses leads the people out of Egypt, how the Red Sea parts for the Israelites and consumes the Egyptians, and they begin to wander in the ....
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Examination of the Commandment, Thou shalt not kill
.... To put it another way, Moses receives the commandment not to kill in the wake of .... Consider the desert east of the Dead Sea and the Jordan River, known as the ....
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Meaning of Passover
.... He also parted the Red Sea for Moses and caused the Jews to pass through; he then led them to Mount Sinai and gave them holy law. ....
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God in the Bible
.... the vehicle whereby His will is executed: "And the Lord said unto Moses, 'Stretch out .... He again saves the children of Israel when he splits the sea, allows His ....
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Numbers 13
.... with words of praise for Moses which could be heard twelve miles away, Caleb exclaimed, "Moses--it is he who drew us up out of Egypt, who clove the sea for us ....
(3626 15 )

What is God? The Nature of God
.... the Bible shows amazing accounts of it, like when He parted the Red Sea to allow .... In Exodus 33, Moses asks to see God's face, but God told him, "You can not see ....
(3249 13 )

God in Literature
.... many view Mohammad's many miracles, such as riding to Jerusalem and back in one evening, as supernatural occurrences akin to Moses parting the Red Sea in the ....
(1000 4 )

The Prophet Muhammad
.... Some Arabs had settled in cities near the Red Sea Coast, and the people in .... a long line of prophets that began with Adam and included Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. ....
(2667 11 )

Holocaust Denial Theory
.... The revisionist historian, one suspects, would do better to question Moses' parting of the Red Sea or George Washington's reluctance to tell a lie than to ....
(3099 12 )

The Old Testament
.... in the Valley of Jezreel, the only open route near the Mediterranean Sea, which devastated .... think that there is real evidence that the hand of Moses is present ....
(2064 8 )

Leonard Bernstein as a Conductor of Beethoven
.... Moses, K. 1993. [Review of Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 and Britten: Four Sea Interludes recorded by the Boston Symphony conducted by Leonard Bernstein]. ....
(3070 12 )

Celebration of Discipline (Richard Foster) This paper presents a ...
.... No one was hurt and the car was perfectly okay. The way those cars opened up for us; it was like God parting the Red Sea for Moses! ....
(4184 17 )

Qumran, Early Christians & Early Rabbinic Judaism
.... the temple, and was supposed to be part of God's original revelation to Moses. .... Even so, the use of scripture within the Dead Sea Scrolls material varied from ....
(3377 14 )

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
.... good and righteous she could command the fretful spirits, as Jesus had commanded the sea. .... Didn't Moses lead the children of Israel out of the bloody hands of ....
(1623 6 )

Two Greek Myths
.... of Sophocles, translated by Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb, edited by Moses Hadas, (New .... god's are components of the physical universe: the earth, sky, and sea. ....
(1369 5 )

The Life and Work of David Ben-Gurion
.... King David, Ben-Gurion was compared to George Washington, Moses, Garibaldi [uniter .... the Negev Desert for agriculture and engage in desalinization of sea water. ....
(3581 14 )

Biblical Sibling Rivalry
.... God gives Moses a series of laws in addition to the Ten Commandments, and one of .... the earth and subdue it, have dominion over the fish in the sea, the birds of ....
(1451 6 )

The Hebrew Bible
.... The theological idea is that Moses "received Torah at Sinai and passed it on" (Sommer 423). .... An example of a miracle is the parting of the Red Sea (Exod. ....
(3090 12 )

The Prophet Elijah and Elisha
.... are parted and he is allowed to travel across a dry path much as Moses had done for the Israelites when they had to flee the Egyptians and cross the Red Sea. ....
(848 3 )

Role of The school counselor
.... successful people have succeeded at plans that other people called impossible, such as Moses succeeding at leading 2,000 to 3,000 people through the Red Sea. ....
(1742 7 )

Fundamentals of Judaism
.... He goes before them in the desert. He parts the Red Sea for them. .... The story of the Ten Commandments is interesting, though, because even while Moses is on Mt. ....
(936 4 )

Jesus the Pharisee
.... justice given to Adam and Noah, long before the appearance of Moses (4). The .... and Paul were aware of the Essenes, in whose settlement the Dead Sea Scrolls were ....
(910 4 )

.... contains a mentionaof the Great Isaiah Scroll from the Dead Sea caves" (Handy .... 6:8). "Messengers" listed in this Islamic Holy Book include Moses, Jesus, and the ....
(1584 6 )

Development of sacred scripture
.... The mid-century discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls near Qumran contributes to the dispute for the .... the closer it is likely to be to the time that Moses came down ....
(10732 43 )

Greek Pantheon and Myth as History
.... In Freud's "Moses and Monotheism," Freud puts Akhnaton ahead of Moss in the .... along with other imports, the Akhnaton legend was brought across the Sea and passed ....
(4126 17 )

Flood Stories
.... of the flood in Genesis is one that was written down by Moses and handed .... is not pure myth, since an ancient flood did occur in the Black Sea in approximately ....
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