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Triumphal Arch
  A Triumphal Arch
A Triumphal Arch. A Triumphal Arch The ancient city of Rome is a layered one. Anyone who has ever had the chance of walking down ....
(1890 8 )

Basilica of San Lorenzo In the name of Our Lord, A
.... arch, in proportion to the width of the door openings and the interior curved line of which will be in the same proportion as the triumphal arch of Constantine ....
(1968 8 )

Architect Louis Sullivan
.... in such a chauvinistic and populist brand of kitsch, an intellectual who was to offer the stunned populace a refined, golden triumphal arch, dedicated in the ....
(1691 7 )

The Pantheon Hadrian's Pantheon is one of the g
.... temple front. A triumphal arch stood on the central axis of the court. It carried reliefs showing information on the emperor. The ....
(1635 7 )

Italian and Northern Renaissance 1. Giotto's app
.... principal of the square). The facade consists of a triumphal arch motif with a much enlarged central niche. This niche and the carefully ....
(9215 37 )

Ancient Art Dating Methods 1. Absolute dating meth
.... The whole effect is one of uncluttered, fairly open space and great height, The wall between the transept and the nave is modeled after a triumphal arch, on a ....
(10728 43 )

Constantine The Great
.... The elegant triple arch, which features a harmonious and relatively simple design, is "perhaps the best of the surviving Roman triumphal arches" even though it ....
(3065 12 )

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