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White Americans
  Japanese-Americans & Racism
.... This racist attitude is based on an arrogance which has its roots in fear --- especially fear on the part of (primarily) white Americans who believe that the ....
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The Political Socialization of African-Americans
.... integration in their neighborhoods' (Reifel, 1994, p. 71). White Americans prefer segregation or low levels of integration. African ....
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Experience of Being White in America
.... Feagin and Sikes (1994) point out, "Racism is central to the lives of white Americans . . . even though many whites deny its presence or effects" (p. 319). ....
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White Supremacy in America In the years followi
.... in the American South and elsewhere killed civil rights workers, bombed African-American churches, and formed groups to "protect" white Americans from newly ....
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Birth of a Nation
.... of the period, there is no denying that African Americans would be offended by viewing this film, one that depicts them as a threat to white Americans and even ....
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Racism in Birth of a Nation
.... of the period, there is no denying that African Americans would be offended by viewing this film, one that depicts them as a threat to white Americans and even ....
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Different Approaches of King & Malcolm X
.... Cone notes that this dichotomy highlights the fact that Malcolm X was largely a reactor to King, and as King became more accepted by white Americans, Malcolm X ....
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Using America's Ideals as the Basis for Equality
.... King and Douglass claimed that black people had been robbed of their equality by white Americans who refused to acknowledge their own hypocrisy by not ....
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.... African Americans experience higher rates of complications from diabetes than do White Americans. Diabetic retinopathy is 40 percent ....
(1103 4 )

Malcolm X and the American Civil Rights Movement
.... He believed that white Americans would never accept people of color on an equal basis; what acceptance was available came at too high a price in loss of culture ....
(3907 16 )

History of the Black Panther Party
.... This had created a great deal of fearful reaction on the part of white Americans in both North and South. The Black Panther Party ....
(2316 9 )

Education, Ethnicity & Racism
.... with one of the highest percentages of different ethnic groups in the country, my own neighborhood in the suburbs was primarily populated by white Americans. ....
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Battle of the Little Big Horn
.... emphasis at the popular tourist attraction is the result of changes in the perception of the battle's meanings for both Native Americans and white Americans. ....
(5419 22 )

African Americans in the Colonial Era
.... rights's argument, however, seems to bring up an important question---would white Americans have accepted slavery as easily if there were a supply of, say ....
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Media Coverage of the OJ Simpson Trial
.... A prime example is the reaction of whites to the Fuhrman tapes: "To white Americans, these statements were shocking, beyond belief, utterly difficult to fathom ....
(1916 8 )

Japanese Americans in WWII
.... government's habitual maltreatment of minorities, especially minorities whose appearance mark them as "different" from most Americans (ie, white Americans). ....
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African Americans in US Society
African Americans in US Society Introduction The theories offered by Eugene V. Wolfenstein .... colonialism, a rising black bourgeois became co-opted by white elites ....
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Italian-Americans in the United States This pape
.... It was not long before Italian-Americans were subsumed into the general category of white Americans (LaGumina, 1973, pp. 214-311; Gallo, 1981, pp. 237-49). ....
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Hurricane Katrina
.... Being black in America can still mean dealing with more discrimination and economic hardship than most white Americans have to face. ....
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Booker T. Washington
.... In his later life, sensing that white Americans including his supporters and friends were ready to hear the truth, Washington spoke out with frankness and ....
(971 4 )

Society & Native Americans Q
.... o (330). What most Americans fail to understand is that Native Americans are not white, not black, not yellow or brown. They are ....
(898 4 )

Family Ethnicity
.... One of the biggest factors causing this is the higher marriage rates of Chinese-Americans to white Americans, which has helped acculturation processes but ....
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African Americans in Children's Lit
.... one or more African Americans, prompting Pirofski to note: "Integration may be the law of the land, but most of the books children see are all white" (3). Such ....
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Importance of Land in Early America
.... "Jacksonian Democracy believed in equality only for white men" . Of course, the Mexicans became targets of the white Americans, too. ....
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Poverty in America
.... Almost all white Americans still agree, in spite of hears of hearing about "welfare coddling," that blacks are generally worse off than whites. ....
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Issue of Identity for Black Americans
.... one may notice that heritage, or lack of it, contributes to the white sense of .... Ancient and Modern, In the new vision of the ancestor, African-Americans need to ....
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Economics and African Americans
.... African Americans must turn to large-scale capitalism because of the "vulnerability of blacks to white domination, exploitation and racism" (p. 88). ....
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.... African Americans may not be aggressively sought after because they don't vote in the same large numbers that white Jewish voters and senior citizens do. ....
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Prevalence of HIV/AIDS Hispanics & African Americans
.... risk because they know much less about HIV/AIDS than their white counterparts. .... Since the primary route of infection among African-Americans is from drug use ....
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American History
.... Many white Americans believed that Native Americans were weaker and therefore less deserving of the land they occupied. Individuals ....
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