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White Levinson
  Medical Care Access and Inequality
.... infections and can be exposed to HIV via "cervical and vaginal secretions, menstrual blood, and blood from vaginal and rectal trauma" (White & Levinson 1995:p ....
(2421 10 )

Women's Health Care
.... White and Levinson make the point that many physicians care for lesbians without knowing their sexual orientation, which is a function of the fact that ....
(4550 18 )

High School Achievement Levels in Math, Language and Literacy
.... Levinson, Ohler, Maus, and Christya(2005) reported that minority groups such as Latinos .... and women are shown to have lower incomes than white men despite ....
(2135 9 )

Roe V. Wade
.... Perhaps the best example of this, says Levinson (1988), is slavery and the .... Neither Justice Rehnquist nor Justice White, both of whom dissented in Roe, took ....
(3565 14 )

Individual Rights vs Public Order
.... Generally, as Levinson (1988) has commented, in democratic republics such as the United .... as having none of the civil rights accorded to white Americans (Hall ....
(1840 7 )

Negotiation & NAFTA
.... NAFTA: Jarred by election returns, and with nothing left to lose, the White House gambles on a TV debate between Al Gore and .... Levinson, M. (1993, November 15). ....
(3501 14 )

MIRANDA V. ARIZONA This research paper discusse
.... holding rested on "syllogism, metaphysics or some ill-defined concept of natural justice." Harlan and White argued that .... McCloskey, RG, Revised by S. Levinson. ....
(2707 11 )

Rehabilitation Issues of Lupus Erythematosus
.... Lovell, Athreya, Emery, Gibas, Levinson, Lindsley, Spencer and White (1990) has noted that, on the average, these students miss about four days of school every ....
(8878 36 )

Examination of a Criminal Justice Agency In 1963,
.... if he or she cannot afford to pay a private attorney (Levinson 147). .... Chief Barbara White oversees the Juvenile Division, which handles children who are charged ....
(1867 7 )

Issues Involved in Gun Control
.... feared government tyranny and saw an armed populace as a safeguard (Levinson 312-319). .... Cleveland Mayor Michael R. White said he like the idea of a suit but ....
(3887 16 )

Environmental Anthropology
.... For White, anthropology was more the study of culture (Barfield, 1997, p. 491) and even went so far as to propose a mathematical .... D. Levinson & M. Ember (eds.). ....
(4210 17 )

Genetics & Schizophrenia
.... explored this possibility by using polymerase chain reaction techniques to examine the genetic make-up of cells in 571 white schizophrenics and .... Levinson et al. ....
(2874 11 )

A Theoretical Basis For Clinical Treatment
.... thinking or the codifying of experiences as black or white; disqualifying the .... Gibbons, Crits-Christoph, Levinson, and Gladis (2002) provided a description of ....
(4552 18 )

TEXAS V. JOHNSON Supreme Court Decision
.... Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Byron White, Sandra O'Connor and John Stevens dissented. .... Sanford Levinson, 2d ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994. ....
(2884 12 )

Community Health Specialization
.... White, D. (2003, Winter). .... Historical References Levinson, D., Darrow, C., Klein, E., Levinson, M., & McKee, B. (1978). Seasons of a man's life. ....
(8706 35 )

Cinema Studies
.... Vig, the white-trash hill-billy stereotype, sums up the murder: "I didn't think I .... S. "Three King." (Film Review),, 2000, 1-2. Levinson, Barry ....
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