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  Proto-Abstract Expressionism
.... that early Regionalist-influenced works by Pollock and others had little or no influence on the direction of their subsequent Abstract Expressionist work and ....
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Kurt Vonnegut
.... In the process of making such an argument, Vonnegut presents the autobiography of a failed abstract expressionist and his spiritual and creative journey out of ....
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Willem de Kooning
.... traditional. He soon joined the circle of Arshile Gorky and other artists prominent in the abstract expressionist movement. Under ....
(1294 5 )

Joan Miro and Willem De Kooning
.... Jackson Pollock, whose work was even more abstract, De Kooning was one of the most significant and influential painters of the Abstract Expressionist movement. ....
(1007 4 )

Lee Krasner Exhibition
.... B. Krasner was a quasi-member of the Abstract Expressionist group of painters throughout her career. 1. Received professional training ....
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Clement Greenberg and Modernism
.... Pollock and Willem de Kooning were the leaders of the Abstract Expressionist movement, emphasizing the importance of spontaneity and action painting. ....
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Clement Greenberg & Modernism in Art
.... Pollock and Willem de Kooning were the leaders of the Abstract Expressionist movement, emphasizing the importance of spontaneity and action painting. ....
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Formalist Art Critic Clement Greenberg
.... Pollock and Willem de Kooning were the leaders of the Abstract Expressionist movement, emphasizing the importance of spontaneity and action painting. ....
(1534 6 )

Expressionism as an Artistic Movement
.... and influenced by the Impressionists, his later work became non-representational, and was an influence on the later Abstract Expressionist movement. ....
(791 3 )

Conflict Theory
.... The latter individual---perhaps an abstract expressionist at heart---would view the apparent peace and prosperity of the late 1940s and early and mid-1950s as ....
(4330 17 )

Spirituality in Modern Art Despite t
.... Certainly, some of the productions of artists in the Abstract and Abstract Expressionist and Dada schools do not resonate spiritually or religiously. ....
(916 4 )

American painter Frank Stella
.... pictures. Stella's emotional and critical reaction was against what he considered rhetorical in the Abstract Expressionist posture. One ....
(2066 8 )

IM Pei and the National Gallery
.... On the other hand, Maloon (1978) cites the prominent representation by abstract expressionist Robert Motherwell, a disciple of abstract expressionist Piet ....
(5374 21 )

Jackson Pollock
.... action. As such, "Convergence" is a superior example of action or gesture painting within the Abstract Expressionist style. The ....
(1503 6 )

American Pop Art
.... Warhol actively sought to present only the surface, emulating popular art in this regard and challenging the abstract expressionist's interplay with the ....
(1894 8 )

Frida Kahlo, Woman and Artist
.... Kahlo's work through a Jungian psychoanalytic lens, relating the images that Kahlo painted, not only to the surrealist and abstract expressionist movements in ....
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Analytic Cubism
.... In fact, some art scholars credit this branch of Surrealism as having a substantial influence on the Abstract Expressionist painters who would follow ....
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Kandinsky's Untitled Improvisation III
.... These expressionist artists painted, promoted, and theorized about abstract art. In 1912, Kandinsky published his book, Concerning the Spiritual in Art. ....
(1934 8 )

Gottlieb and Rothko
American Expressionism Gottlieb & Rothko American expressionist painters, especially abstract expressionists like Adolph Gottlieb and Mark Rothko, were ....
(1491 6 )

Clement Greenberg's Influence on Modernism
.... The Paolozzi is on p. 297 of Stiles and Selz (in glorious black & white), but the text features no Gestural Expressionist work (which .... Abstract Expressionism. ....
(1893 8 )

Van Gogh's "Starry Night" The painting "Starry N
.... The painting could have easily been an abstract consisting completely of the wild sky .... As an Expressionist, Van Gogh used color as a language to convey emotion ....
(974 4 )

Lucian Freud's Art
.... During the expressionist 1960s and early 1970s the influence of Frans Hals began .... wet fluidity of texture derived from Hals and the Abstract Expressionists in ....
(3828 15 )

Charles Ray Retrospective
.... it becomes clear that this is not the relatively abstract sketch of .... Increasing abstraction, the expressionist use of color, and, eventually, total abstraction ....
(1522 6 )

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
.... Such ambiguity would be reflected in later films as German Expressionist lighting and .... Lang shows a similar abstract sense of woman in the figure of Maria, who ....
(2203 9 )

Modern Sculpture in the 1980s
.... and artists in the 1980s became attracted to a Neo-Expressionist style (Simon .... His work, Timber's Turns (1987), is an abstract structure made of mahogany, cedar ....
(2673 11 )

The Works of Bertolt Brecht
.... But the means of epic theatre, which to the degree they frankly abstract from those-of .... drama on one hand and to the inadequacy of the Expressionist response on ....
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