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  Weight and African-American Women
.... such the way that alcohol and tobacco advertising influence other health .... of content within the four, highest rated half-hour African-American sitcoms (Moesha ....
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Strategy for African Americans in 1996 Elections
.... While this attitude seems reasonable it is, in fact, the road to the continuing decline of African American influence in national politics. ....
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African American Child Rearing Practices
.... African-American mothers' attitudes toward their children's characteristics and traits as people have also been found to influence their children's achievement ....
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Socio-Political Influence on Literature & Art
.... case of Woolf and Gates, we see that socio-political influence often silences .... realities is little different than the silencing of the African American voice in ....
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The Socio-Political Influence on Literature & Art
.... case of Woolf and Gates, we see that socio-political influence often silences .... realities is little different than the silencing of the African American voice in ....
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African American Response to AA
.... culture: alcohol-related identity movements in contemporary African-American communities. .... A partial analysis of the campus influence on drinking behavior ....
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Latino Influence on American Media
.... The Spanish influence adds flavor. .... The show's creator, David Mills, is African American and does not speak Spanish (Wiltz, 2003, 3). Mills defends his work ....
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Civil Rights Movement and Modern American Society
.... this paper is to examine the literature on the nature of this influence. .... is only affirmative action policies which can ensure an African-American presence at ....
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Frederick Douglass: Early Builder of African American Culture
.... about the bravery required to escape from the shackles of a Maryland plantation, few understand his influence in the shaping of early African-American culture. ....
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African-American Cultural Issues in Therapy
.... This activity enables the client to see how behavior and belief really does influence the quality of his or her life (Berg & .... Therapy with African American Men. ....
(1694 7 )

Rebirth in the Harlem Renaissance
.... Even in painting the influence of jazz music is profound among black painters of .... seemed to spill over in the postures and poses of African American figures in ....
(1721 7 )

African-American: Slave and Free
.... So vexed were whites regarding the potential influence of large numbers of free black .... (1998) ôRichmondÆs Other Heroes: Finding African- American History in ....
(2457 10 )

Parental Involvement & African American Students
.... schools, it is important to understand cultural influence on views of .... individual telephone interviews with 234 low income African-American, Caucasian, and ....
(6436 26 )

Parental Influence on Aggressive Children
.... article reported the results of an investigation of the influence on both .... The great majority of the subjects were either African-American or Hispanic American ....
(1963 8 )

African-American Protest Music from the 60s
.... of black blues, gospel, and jazz, and their influence on the course of the world's music has been infinitesimal compared to the African American idiom. ....
(5136 21 )

African American Adolescent Pregnancy
.... This destabilizing influence on the family has left the black family is particular crisis. Approximately 50 percent of African-American households are headed ....
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Harlem Renaissance
.... The influence of the artists from this era continue to have a major impact on African American artists to this day. Works Cited Baldwin, James. ....
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African American Youth Violence
.... and middle schools, a trend to undervalue children and African American and Hispanic .... Welch,aPrice, and Yankeya(2004) reported on the media's influence on youth ....
(2265 9 )

Attitudes Toward Homosexuality Results This chapter describes the ...
.... homosexual attitudes. Akerlund and Cheung (2000) reported that religious institutions influence African American homophobia. The findings ....
(1626 7 )

African American Art
.... large-scale depictions of the beauty and complexity of African American life in his .... are very colorful, stylized, and demonstrate the profound influence of his ....
(2959 12 )

African Cinema in the 21st Century
.... Sub-Saharan filmmakers, long bound to European and American influence, are indeed becoming ôalternativeo in the sense that they are defining African film in a ....
(4865 19 )

Parental Influence & Aggressive Child Behavior I
.... between parents are the parental behaviors that exert the greatest influence on the .... The great majority of the subjects were either African American or Hispanic ....
(2132 9 )

Minority Behavior: Causes and Consequences
.... PA (2003).The Trouble with Black Boys:: The Role and Influence of Environmental and Cultural Factors on the Academic Performance of African American Males. ....
(1574 6 )

African American History
.... Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, slavery continued to influence the relationships .... African American Literary and Cultural Movements As with any other ethnic ....
(3965 16 )

Christian Discipleship and the African-American Church
.... Especially as a positive influence in the black experience, black consciousness would .... If African-American Christians in America are to get on with their work ....
(3859 15 )

Satisfaction Levels of African American Graduate Students
.... the Afrocentric environment in the college experience of the African American student .... of institution attended were also examined for their influence on measures ....
(4908 20 )

Prevalence of HIV/AIDS Hispanics & African Americans
.... Racism, cultural, religious, and sociopolitical factors influence the behavior of African-American women, and they are reluctant to acknowledge the threat of ....
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Commericals and Stereotypes
.... in which advertising can have a substantial influence is in our perception of gender and race. This paper examines the ways in which African-American women are ....
(761 3 )

The Marcus Garvey Movement
.... blitz. A small UNIA survives today. Many diverse African-American leaders have testified to GarveyÆs continuing influence. He has ....
(1513 6 )

Influence of Social Norms in Female Athletics
.... of identity that these norms may foster, are a powerful influence (Bunker & .... Dance for health: improving fitness in African American and Hispanic adolescents. ....
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