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  School Funding and the Law
School Funding and the Law. .... The percentage of school funding collected from different tax .... The American School Board Journal has estimated that 93 percent of ....
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An overview of American schools
.... The typical state court system and federal court system are shown in their respective hierarchies in the 1995 Deskbook Encyclopedia of American School Law (1995 ....
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.... Kern, A. & Alexander, D. (2001). American public school law. (5th ed.) Belmont, CA: West/Thomson Learning La Morte, MW (1998). School law: Cases and concepts. ....
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Personal Statement for Law School I am a twenty
Personal Statement for Law School I am a twenty five year-old African-American woman who matured in a strong family environment and learned the virtues of ....
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American system of juvenile corrections
.... are compiled at the end of the school year (Rainey .... The Monrovia law was the first such effort to .... The American Civil Liberties Union has expressed doubts about ....
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African American Political History In the United States, the so ...
.... in 1950, Herman Marion Sweatt, an African American postal worker from Houston, applied for admission to the University of Texas Law School (Sources, 2005 ....
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Asian-American Students and Affirmative Action
.... paper addresses the issues surrounding Asian-American admissions to American universities in .... experience as the first black law professor at a major law school. ....
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Substance Abuse in American
.... result in frequent trouble with the law, absenteeism from .... are now finding that even elementary school children are .... 6 Taken in general, American society accepts ....
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Legal Aspects of Public School Administration
.... They then become eligible for tenure under state law. .... the welfare of the state and school system by .... by political or personal whim" (American Jurisprudence 2d ....
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.... References American survey. (1993, July 24). Economist, p. A26. .... People, p. 111. James, B. (1995, May). School violence and the law. Education Digest, p. 17. ....
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Columbine High School Shootings
.... This was not the first school shooting in the United .... tragedy was covered was also fundamentally American, and that .... based on the Sharia, the sacred law of Islam ....
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Issue of Prayer in American Public Schools
.... public function: the training of American citizens in .... Court did not rule against private prayer in school. Further, Congress has passed a law permitting group ....
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Canadian Teachers & The Law
.... no case law that is significant has been directed at this issue in Canada yet. The American case is known as Tinker v. DesMoines Independent Community School ....
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The Law Profession & Lawyers
.... Second, apprenticeship would be authorized in place of law-school education and, while .... that merely seek to protect professional privileges (Abel, "American" 128 ....
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Violence in city schools
.... the necessary notifications to law enforcement agencies .... School violence was historically viewed as a .... preescalation period' in American school violence" (US ....
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Analysis of How Did You Get to Be Mexican
.... sufficient to gain him admission to the highly prestigious Harvard Law School had he not identified himself as Mexican-American on the law school admission form ....
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Private School Choice
.... are facing a critical period in American education with .... of merit in federally funded private school vouchers, the .... WORKS CITED "A Wisconsin Law Allowing Use Of ....
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Diffusion Theory, Censorship & the School Library
.... No law formulates or even implies this right on the part of the school librarian. .... censorship continues to be widely practiced in American schools and public ....
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Civil Rights Law and Historically Black Colleges
.... American Constitutional Law .... Black Colleges after Fordice." Boston College Law Review, 35 .... Alabama State Teachers Association v. Alabama Public School and College ....
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Home Schooling in the US
.... University of Dayton Law Review, 8, 13-14 .... publication listed several key cases in early American history and .... Reasons Why Parents Choose To Home School Kilgore, P ....
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American Legal History
.... one in which "ferment is abroad in the law" (npno .... which involved a state requirement that public school teachers and students salute the American flag and ....
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NCAA and the Law & Lawyers
.... In any event, the American Bar Association Model Code of Professional Responsibility .... ßß 1.ßßßßß Where and when did you graduate from law school? ....
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Images of Crime, Criminals and Justice in American Media
Images of Crime, Criminals and Justice in American Media. .... that the decision to violate the law comes after .... The biological school of thought as reflected in the ....
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School Desegregation and the Supreme Court
.... requires that petitioner be admitted to the University of Texas Law School" (Sweatt v .... its present place in American life through-out the Nation" (Brown v. Board ....
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Issues Involved in Gun Control
.... References Alexander, K., and MD Alexander. (1992). American Public School Law, 3rd ed. St. Paul: West Publishing, American Bar Association. (1990). ....
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Copoal Punishment in American Schools
.... law to improve school order and safety. NIJ Reports, 4, 9-11. Straus, MA, & Donnelly, DA (1994). Beating the devil out of them: Corporal punishment in American ....
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Censorship in American Schools
.... Intolerance has no place in the American secondary school curriculum. .... Thus all key school personnel should have a fundamental awareness of the law as it ....
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Jewish Law and American Law
.... American law (including constitutional law) has been subject to dramatic reversals on such issues as slavery, school integration, women's rights to vote, and ....
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History of the Common School Movement
.... the nation's first compulsory education law, requiring all .... middle-class males." The common school movement was .... immigrants, and all other American children, but ....
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Evolution of Education In America
.... Thaddeus Stevens worked together to enact the first public school law in the .... Pennsylvania leaders who were interested in developing a unique American form of ....
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