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  Crime in an American Family
.... The values conflict offered by Sutherland appears a valid explanation to explain the behavior of the Bogle family members. However ....
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Family Systems Theory
.... basis of Bowen Family Systems Theory is that an individual can change their behavior by becoming aware of the impact of past and current family behavior on his ....
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Bowen Family Systems Theory
.... basis of Bowen Family Systems Theory is that an individual can change their behavior by becoming aware of the impact of past and current family behavior on his ....
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Criminal Behavior
.... There is a clear connection between breakdown of family/school environments and the destructive nature of gang behavior, wherein "pseudo-families" are ....
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Family Therapy
.... Second, the behavioral approach does examine much of what is important in human behavior in general and family functioning in particular, offering clear ....
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Family Therapists
.... Bowen believed that the actual family members themselves were responsible for instituting the changes in family behavior taught to them by their therapist-coach ....
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Cognitive dissonance
.... Donovan, P. "Mother's Attitudes Toward Adolescent Sex, Family's Dating Rules Influence Teenagers' Sexual Behavior." Family Planning Perspectives Vol. ....
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Development Theory There are many varying theorie
.... Links between community violence and the family system: Evidence from children's feelings of relatedness and perceptions of parent behavior. ....
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Sexual Behavior in Public
.... sex. The chief agent in the early socialization process that defines appropriate sexual behavior is the family. This socialization ....
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Individual Depression and Family-Systems
.... state, and this power is not necessarily confined to the nuclear relationship but may be a feature of multiple generations and/or extended-family behavior. ....
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Birth Order & Sibling Behavior Introduction Research demonstrates ...
.... and parental behavior. Birth Order Effects on Communication/Interaction Research shows that birth position results in personality tendencies that affect family ....
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Gambling as Addictive Behavior
.... as harmless fun, the fact is that it becomes an addictive behavior for a .... their habit causes a chain reaction of effects that disrupt their family life, their ....
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Impact of Alcoholism on the Family Unit
.... In the early stages of addiction, most family members will play down or minimize the dependant's behavior; they will excuse or rationalize the abuse. ....
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Sources of Human Behavior
.... He believes that involvement in activities such as school, family, and recreation, insulates a child from potential delinquent behavior that might otherwise be ....
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Ethnicity and Family Therapy
.... counselling when a child does not fulfill his or her full potential in school, while a Chinese family might consider disruptive classroom behavior as a sign of ....
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Effects of TV Violence on Child Behavior
.... both as a group and individually were less influential as predictors of aggressive behavior on the part of the subjects than were the family-level factors both ....
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.... relatives in the comparison group to have been arrested, hospitalized for a psychiatric disorder, involved in violent behavior outside the family, or limited ....
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Violence and the Family Life Cycle
.... of skills as well as knowledge related to working with this type of family. .... in the home, the therapist must be aware of norms regarding child behavior and must ....
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Therapy for a Family
.... Both modalities assume that there is no "normal" family and that a behavior can be considered "normal" for one family and "abnormal" for another. ....
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Criminal Behavior Theories
.... Albert Bandura believed aggression reinforced by family members was the most prominent source of behavior modeling in children (Isom). ....
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Drug Use & Deviance
.... the researchers found that other factors can minimize deviant behavior and substance abuse among children, ôpositive family relationships, involvement, and ....
(726 3 )

Japanese Behavior
.... her SF analysis include private social structures like the family and public .... parent-child relationship, with many references to the extreme behavior that can ....
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Overview of the Topic: Childhood Obesity
.... for overweight children, health risk behaviors, methods of affecting behavioral change, appropriate eating and activity behavior, family involvement, primary ....
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Adolescents and Substance Abuse
.... Thus it was concluded that boys' disruptive behavior and the family issue, mother's lack of nurturing, was predictive of adolescent substance abuse. ....
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Organizational Behavior and Economic Practices
.... In Taiwan, it does not explain how smaller enterprises, most family owned and .... 3). A second theory focuses on culture as the basis for organizational behavior. ....
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HYPERTENSION-BEHAVIOR MEDICAL APPROACH Introduction Behavioral medicine is an integration of .... Family history, resting blood pressure, resting heart rate, body ....
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Family Structure & a Child's Education
.... more likely to produce children, which are free from behavior problems, children .... a great deal of research showing that disruptions to the family unit correlate ....
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Ethnicity and Family Therapy
Ethnicity and Family Therapy Until recently, the field of therapy has concentrated mostly on intrapsychic factors which influence the behavior of clients. ....
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Police Behavior and Urban Minorities
.... Family relationships and the family environment are implicated as causal factors in the dysfunctional behavior of African American males. ....
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Suppressing Disruptive Behavior in Classrooms
.... on the development of aggressive behavior early adolescence using an ecological perspective that focuses on social development in the family, school, peer group ....
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