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  Health Risk of Binge Drinking in College
.... The CAS has been conducted four times (1993, 1997, 1999 and 2001) and demonstrates that the percentage of binge drinkers has remained steady at 40% to 45% over ....
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Drugs & Alcohol Problems in US
.... million persons aged between 12 and 20 years reported drinking alcohol in the month prior to the survey, with nearly 7.2 million being binge drinkers, and 2.3 ....
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Drugs and Alcohol
.... million persons aged between 12 and 20 years reported drinking alcohol in the month prior to the survey, with nearly 7.2 million being binge drinkers, and 2.3 ....
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College Drop Out Rates
.... approximately "one-third of American colleges can be classified as 'high-binge' schools, where more than half of the student body are binge drinkers" (College 1 ....
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Geriatric Alcoholism
.... almost 15 percent of men were defined as heavy drinkers, 12 percent of women were heavy drinkers, 10 percent were defined as binge drinkers, meaning they had ....
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Drug and alcohol Addiction
.... As many as 20 percent of college students are problem drinkers, they say, and binge drinking can often lead to accidents, arrests, risky sexual behavior, and ....
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.... However, by no means are all problem drinkers pharmacologically addicted to alcohol. So-called binge drinking, for example, is not an addictive behavior in ....
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Aspects of Alcohol & Alcohol Abuse
.... graders and 54.1 percent of 12th graders were heavy drinkers, consuming five or .... known as a "normative media campaign" approach, to discourage binge drinking is ....
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Advertising and Drinking
.... the FCC decides, alcohol advertisers continue to target underage drinkers through a .... for off-campus bars hawking what Adam Cohen terms "binge-friendly promotions ....
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Alcoholism in Law Enforcement
.... excessively, with continuous hazardous or harmful consumption and binge drinking. .... Excessive drinkers along with those participants who reported moderate to ....
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Cultural/Ethnic Viewpoint of Alcoholism Among the Irish
.... his good nature nostalgically but not the messy consequences of his binge drinking. .... in Ireland in which more than 10% revealed themselves to be heavy drinkers. ....
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Analysis of an Intervention for Cocaine Abuse
.... Women who are alcoholics or problem drinkers are particularly vulnerable to such .... of Health (NIH) has observed an increased frequency of binge drinking and ....
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.... Among males aged 12-20, some 22% report binge drinking, which is .... impaired judgment leads to destructive behavior and negative consequences, drinkers are well ....
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Causes and Treatment for Alcoholism
.... et al., 1999) They have different symptoms than male drinkers and experience .... Thus, nurses in oncology were particularly prone to binge drinking, along with ....
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Effects of Repressed Child Sexual Abuse
.... Adult consequences include: anxiety, attachment disorder, binge eating, bipolar disorder .... Patients with mothers who were heavy drinkers reported the highest ....
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Advertising & Economics
.... toothpaste -- there are brands especially for children, smokers, coffee drinkers, competing on .... US auto makers went on a big car binge, while consumers interest ....
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