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  High Performance Driver Improvement Programs
.... Bob Bondurant, the founder of the leading high performance driver improvement program said that, if "you drive a car wrong, then you're going to say that your ....
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Suzuki's Samurai Automobile Suzuki is introducing a new car m
.... be able to gain some mileage from press releases that may lead to feature stories in automotive trade publications and publications such as Car and Driver. ....
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History and Impact of the Automobile
.... Henry Ford was born in 1863, but remained relatively unknown until 1901, when he became a famous racing car driver in the early years of that sport. ....
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Car Purchase
.... the aggravation of driving is the driver's problem and not yours, but the aggravation of being made late is the same either way. All in all, then, a car is an ....
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Taxi Driver
.... He looks out at the world from behind the glass of the car window. .... He is an insomniac, and his job as a taxi driver all night reflects this fact--he is out in ....
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Letter About Buying A Used Car
.... live that way. I believe the least safe part of the car is the driver most of the time, and I plan to be safe myself. Of course, I ....
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Safety Features of Automobiles
.... 244, 47. Schroeder, D. (1995). Mercedes ESP. Car and Driver, 40, 40 42. Taylor, A. (1995). Cars that beat traffic. Fortune, 131, 64 70.
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Why the SLR McLaren is the Best Car
.... in wet conditions or the spoiler whose angle of attack can be raised or lowered from 10 to 30 degrees by a driver's switch ("Mercedes," 2008). This car has no ....
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Women on Death Row
.... Evidence was also presented suggesting that Sheppard had been involved in a drive-by shooting as the car's driver and had bragged to cell mates about the ....
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Speedy Car Rental
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Crime Scene Analysis
.... After the firefighters doused the fire, the police found a body in the driver's seat of the car. .... Finally, the fire started in the driver's seat of the car. ....
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A Day at the Track
.... Sometimes, if you're lucky, you get to see a demo--say, a fully modified GT touring car doing two-minute laps on top fuel. The driver has the blacktop all to ....
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Practice of Tailgating
.... are a hazard not only because of the accidents they cause by running into the back of another vehicle, but because they make the driver of the car in front of ....
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Marketing Techniques
.... For example, if car manufacturers can demonstrate that the joysticks are easy, safer, intuitive and driver friendly the car manufacturers have a better chance ....
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Drunk Driving & DUI Laws
.... It is one thing to offer a child, for example, a Big Mac, and something else far worse to permit the child to be a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver. ....
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Aggressive Driving
.... are a hazard not only because of the accidents they cause by running into the back of another vehicle, but because they make the driver of the car in front of ....
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Outdoor Advertising Industry
.... six times as fast. "We are approaching one car for each licensed driver in the US" (OAAA, Online). Edmundson (1998) points out in ....
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Why Drunk Driving Happens
.... Driving Drunk"). Even if the driver is allowed to continue driving, his car insurance rates will increase (Crawford). The full effects ....
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Licensing Older Drivers Traffic accidents are as
.... The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators says a 75-year-old driver is three times more likely to die in a car crash than a 20-year-old (Mehren ....
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10 Criminal Cases Celebrated trials have long captured
.... He asks the driver if he can search the car. If the driver says no, the driver is free to go. .... He asks to search the driver's car. ....
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Ten Important Cases from 1995 and 1996
.... He asks the driver if he can search the car. If the driver says no, the driver is free to go. .... He asks to search the driver's car. ....
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Personal Account of a Drunk Driver
.... take the alcohol test when I was arrested that night in January, my driver's license has .... t like not being able to come and go as I please with a car, every day ....
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.... very scientific article about the automotive CFC matter -- although quite thorough -- by PATRICK BEDARD in the July 1994 issue of Car and Driver magazine, page ....
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Lotus Esprit Turbo
.... 1995, 6. Phillips, John. "The Supercar Olympics." Car and Driver, July 1995, 52-60. "Top Gun." Motor Trend, August 1993, 36-49.
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Child Car Seats
.... for violation of this law is $55 and two points on a driver's license" (DC .... are without any kind of restraint system (DC, 1999, 1). In future, car seats for ....
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High Technology and Modern Life
.... Suppose that a GPS car map fails and the machine cannot give directions to the driver. Suppose that the car battery breaks and OnStar does not work. ....
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Cell Phone Use While Driving & Accidents
.... Retrieved July 29, 1999 from World Wide Web: cellphonefacts.html "Car Telephone Use Affects Driver Behavior." Nordic ....
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Law Senarios
.... to search the car for evidence of a crime, just because the car was exceeding .... Before an officer can arrest a driver for drunk driving, the officer must have ....
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Buster Keaton
.... This could be done many ways, but Keaton does it by having the car and driver seem not to move an inch, while the setting surrounding the car changes from home ....
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Application of Personal Metaphor and Organizational Theory
.... A car must have a frame, wheels, a method of converting the power energy to the wheels, and it must have a driver of some sort. ....
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