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  The Feminization of Poverty
.... Furthermore, of the women awarded child support by the courts in 1981, only 47 percent received the full amount while 37 percent got less than half and a ....
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Caught in the Crisis: Women and the US Economy Today
.... fathers have been persuaded to provide maintenance payments to the mothers for the upkeep of the children, but delinquent child support payments are a ....
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Women and Welfare Reform
.... Women have to identify the fathers of their children and cooperate with the state to obtain child support (Lawton et al., 1999, p. 560). ....
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Women's Status & Roles Many social authors have agreed that the ...
.... 12 See Philip K. Robins and Katherine P. Dickenson, "Child Support and Welfare Dependence," Demography 22 3 (1985): 367; Chaya S. Piotrkowski and Mitchell H ....
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Parent-Child Educational Interactions
.... Internal perceptions of stress, family support, stress from the child's condition, and extra familial influences were also measured. ....
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Prevention of Child Abuse The purpose of this research is to
.... abilities. As the stress increases and in the absence of a social support network, the likelihood of child abuse increases. Prevention ....
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CHILD ABUSE Introduction This research discus
.... Originally experts proposed that home visitation would provide a means of enhancing the parent-child relationship through education and support. ....
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Sibling Bereavement Support Groups
.... for professional intervention--preferably the intervention of a child psychologist or .... Another sibling bereavement support group is the Center for Sibling Loss ....
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.... This bill would have provided child daycare support based on a sliding scale tied to the median income in a state. In a state with ....
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The Single Parent and Poverty
.... care for their children. Child support received nationwide in recent years totaled more than $28 billion. And there are few signs ....
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No Child Left Behind Legislation
Introduction Passed with bipartisan support and signed into law on January 8, 2002, the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, constitutes a massive attempt ....
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Support for Parents of ADHD Children Introduction Introduction to ...
.... Parents lack confidence in their ability to deal with their child and need support and information to regain a sense of parenting self-efficacy. ....
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Group Support for Parents of ADHD Children: An Introduction
.... Parents lack confidence in their ability to deal with their child and need support and information to regain a sense of parenting self-efficacy. ....
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Observation of a Family with a Young Child
.... However, Vicki does receive babysitting help and emotional support from her parents, in-laws, and friends with young child ren. ....
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Impact of Parental Substance Abuse on Child Abuse
.... to be those interventions that include each of the following components: educating mothers abut child care, developing a maternal support system, developing ....
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Effects of Divorce on Children
.... back and forth about arrangements for the visits and holidays; they made requests for extra money, and acted as debt collectors for overdue child support. ....
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Effects of Divorce
.... legal representation. Maintenance, property division, and child support were major sources of conflict. The major psychological ....
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The Republican "Contract with America"
.... and elderly dependent care ($500), strengthen child pornography laws, and provide a tracking system for "deadbeat dads" who fail to pay child support payments. ....
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Parenting Although our society does not necessar
.... The new wife may not like the family budget being drained by alimony or child support requirements from a previous marriage. She ....
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.... Direct assistance to states to help them develop child abuse and neglect programs and support for research in the areas of child abuse and neglect are provided ....
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Child Abuse & Delinquency
.... substance abusing families is significant for those hoping to find a way to intervene and prevent child abuse. Studies in the literature support the finding ....
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Effects of Parental Emotional Support
.... sense when considering how children learn: most of a child's learning about .... Spinrad, Tracy L. "The relations of parental expressivity and support to children's ....
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Global Child Labor Practices
.... It does not follow, they indicate, that prohibiting child labor ensures that children will receive schooling and government support. ....
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Single-Parent Family Structure and Children
.... In the case of single-parent families, there must be a stricter enforcement of the child support system so that children can benefit from having dual incomes ....
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.... have found that TV violence may cause aggressive behavior in the normal child. .... Children's reports of their own experience would support these findings. ....
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Financing Child Care
.... At the end of phase one, approximately 50 percent of ABC funds were expended in support of early childhood child care projects. ....
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Marriage for Gay Couples
.... and in some states, there is no law which guarantees a non-custodial biological or adoptive parent visitation rights or requiring child support from such a ....
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Gays and Marriage
.... There is no law guaranteeing non-custodial, biological or adoptive parents visitation rights or requiring child support from such a parent. ....
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Issue of Homosexual Marriage
.... There is no law guaranteeing non-custodial, biological or adoptive parents visitation rights or requiring child support from such a parent. ....
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Work To Welfare
.... So we made sure there was extra support for child care, for transportation, for housing, and we kept the national guarantee of medical care and nutrition for ....
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