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cinemania 96
  Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
.... Bibliography CineBooks' Motion Picture Guide. "Review of JFK." Cinemania '96. CD-ROM. .... Ebert, Roger. "Review of JFK." Cinemania '96. CD-ROM. ....
(2268 9 )

Art Deco Architecture Style
.... Ebert, Roger. Rev. of Metropolis. Cinemania 96. Ed. Leonard Maltin. Diskette. .... Maltin, Leonard. Rev. of King Kong. Cinemania 96. Ed. Leonard Maltin. Diskette. ....
(2878 12 )

"West Side Story" and 1950s America
.... Nash, Jay Robert, and Ross, Stanley Ralph. "Cinebooks Review, West Side Story." In Cinemania 96. CD-ROM. Seattle: Microsoft Cinemania, 1996. Rivera, Deysha. ....
(2717 11 )

Nonverbal aspects of Film Communication
.... Ebert, R. (1988). Review of the motion picture Working girl. Roger Ebert's video companion, Microsoft Cinemania 96. CD-ROM 0895. Knight, A. (1962). The movies. ....
(1959 8 )

The Women
.... In J. Emerson (Ed.)., Cinemania 96, CD-ROM. Kael, P. (1996). Review of The Women. In J. Emerson (Ed.)., Cinemania 96, CD-ROM. Lewis, T. (2004, September). ....
(6691 27 )

School Violence
.... Kael, P. (1996). Review of Blackboard Jungle. Cinemania 96, CD-ROM. J. Emerson (Ed.). Microsoft Cinemania. Larson, E. (1993, January). Story of a gun. ....
(4968 20 )

Influence of the Mass Media on Violence
.... 24. Kael, Pauline. Review of Blackboard Jungle. Cinemania 96, CD-ROM. Ed. James Emerson. Microsoft Cinemania, 1996. Larson, Erik. ....
(5095 20 )

Ancient Greek Virtrues and Modern Film
.... Ebert, Roger. Review, Thelma and Louise. Roger Ebert's Video Companion, Microsoft Cinemania 96. CD-ROM 0895, 1996. Eliade, Mircea. ....
(6010 24 )

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