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  Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
.... Bibliography CineBooks' Motion Picture Guide. "Review of JFK." Cinemania '96. CD-ROM. Redmond, Wash.: Microsoft Cinemania, 1996. Ebert, Roger. ....
(2268 9 )

"West Side Story" and 1950s America
.... Nash, Jay Robert, and Ross, Stanley Ralph. "Cinebooks Review, West Side Story." In Cinemania 96. CD-ROM. Seattle: Microsoft Cinemania, 1996. Rivera, Deysha. ....
(2717 11 )

Nonverbal aspects of Film Communication
.... Ebert, R. (1988). Review of the motion picture Working girl. Roger Ebert's video companion, Microsoft Cinemania 96. CD-ROM 0895. Knight, A. (1962). The movies. ....
(1959 8 )

The Women
.... In J. Emerson (Ed.)., Cinemania 96, CD-ROM. Kael, P. (1996). Review of The Women. In J. Emerson (Ed.)., Cinemania 96, CD-ROM. Lewis, T. (2004, September). ....
(6691 27 )

School Violence
.... Kael, P. (1996). Review of Blackboard Jungle. Cinemania 96, CD-ROM. J. Emerson (Ed.). Microsoft Cinemania. Larson, E. (1993, January). Story of a gun. ....
(4968 20 )

Influence of the Mass Media on Violence
.... 24. Kael, Pauline. Review of Blackboard Jungle. Cinemania 96, CD-ROM. Ed. James Emerson. Microsoft Cinemania, 1996. Larson, Erik. ....
(5095 20 )

Ancient Greek Virtrues and Modern Film
.... Ebert, Roger. Review, Thelma and Louise. Roger Ebert's Video Companion, Microsoft Cinemania 96. CD-ROM 0895, 1996. Eliade, Mircea. ....
(6010 24 )

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