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.... that more often than not fails to account for contemporary developments, while political scientists are so intent on attaining contemporary relevance that the ....
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Relevance of Antigone to Contemporary Ethics
Relevance of Antigone to Contemporary Ethics. Antigone Introduction Despite being written centuries ago, the drama of Antigone by ....
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Laurence Tribe and his theory of Statutory Interpretation
.... societal vacuum. Times change and with them so must statutory meanings if they are to continue to have contemporary relevance. This is ....
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Contemporary Political Ideologies
.... each section of the book, Sargent successfully manages to use contemporary events that .... To this reader, this material has particular relevance when viewed in ....
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Two Histories of Education Compared
.... has three main areas of focus, which are "What in the World?" (historical content); "Text Boxes" (frequent summaries); and "So What?" (contemporary relevance). ....
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MARXIST AND WEBERIAN THEORIES OF THE STATE AND THEIR CONTEMPORARY RELEVANCE IN AMERICA This research paper summarizes the concepts of state power in Marxist ....
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This paper is an in-depth examination of the cont
.... Contemporary Relevance Jones argues, "The primary business of the humanities is to make the human heritage man looks back upon meaningful and available as ....
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Treatment of Offenders
.... The social context for the treatment of the offender has particular contemporary relevance because of the rise of criminal activity throughout the ....
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Contemporary Philosophical Orientation
.... Introduction: Contemporary philosophical thought as a response to Christianity and .... The God-concept and modernism: ultimacy Christological relevance to modern ....
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Salem Witchcraft Trials of The Crucible
.... on the contemporary scene, and he notes that the audience for the play has been cautioned not to be misled by the obvious contemporary relevance because this ....
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WEBER'S THEORY OF BUREAUCRACY AND ITS CONTEMPORARY RELEVANCE This research paper summarizes Max Weber's theory of bureaucracy and discusses the validity of the ....
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.... the concept of African-American leadership contained in WEB Du Bois' 1903 article 'The Talented Tenth' and examines its contemporary relevance in the light of ....
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The Parable of the Good Samaritan
.... Contemporary Relevance One of the more obvious contemporary applications of this parable is to the relationship of the conservative Christian and gay and ....
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Literary and Critical Theories
.... into the conditions informing its creation, and plausibility of the action proceeding therefrom helps explain how a work achieves contemporary relevance. ....
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Philippines & Democracy Within the context of the late twentieth ...
.... ask the rhetorical question: "will more countries become democratic?"18 For Huntington, the issue of democracy has extraordinary contemporary relevance for the ....
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PAYNE V. TENNESSEE This research paper summariz
PAYNE V. TENNESSEE This research paper summarizes and analyzes the constitutionality, chief significance and contemporary relevance of admitting into evidence ....
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Organizational Performance Appraisal Process INTRODUCTION The ...
.... process could be raised in relation to relevance, equity, and accountability, factors that are of increasing importance in the contemporary environment, and ....
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Augustine and Thomas Aquinas on Deism
.... 2000. Questia. Young, Davis A. "THE CONTEMPORARY RELEVANCE OF AUGUSTINE'S VIEW OF CREATION." The Bible and Science. Perspectives ....
(2729 11 )

Images & Style in Contemporary Culture
.... Ewen, in All Consuming Images: the Politics of Style in Contemporary Culture, examines .... He attributes the bookÆs continued relevance to ôthe fact that it was ....
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Financial Reporting
.... limits the usefulness of financial reports in the contemporary business environment. .... These latter factors are of especial relevance to the issues addressed in ....
(2343 9 )

Contemporary Cults
.... Though most discussions of contemporary cults begin with the two nights of murders .... war"--all aspects of an apocalyptic vision that have extra relevance for a ....
(3403 14 )

Pollution Problems INTRODUCTION Many contemporary natural
.... and polluting use practices are particularly significant in contemporary Texas where the .... The relevance of the above illustration to the research study being ....
(9676 39 )

Predispositional Reports and Juveniles
.... Marshall, JS (1987). Lights, camera, allocution: contemporary relevance or director's dream? Tulane Law Review, 62, 207-223. Mauer, M. (1994, Fall). ....
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Contemporary History Projections "Histor
Contemporary History Projections "Histor. .... nationalistic purposes; and finally the hope that lessons can be drawn from the past that may have relevance for the ....
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White Collar Crime
.... 1985). Neither of these stereotypical situations is of particular relevance in the contemporary large business environment. First ....
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Durkheim's Theory of Division of Labor
.... Specific applications of the theory will also be discussed, particularly with reference to its relevance to the questions confronting contemporary society. ....
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White Collar Crime in the US
.... 1985). Neither of these stereotypical situations is of particular relevance in the contemporary large business environment. First ....
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Justice Scalia and Judicial Theory
.... Tribe says, is "a work in process." By that he means it must be adapted to changing circumstances and given meanings which have contemporary relevance. ....
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The New Deal Lawyers
.... It is perhaps too long in places, with too much attention being given to peripheral legal issues and long-ago power struggles of little contemporary relevance. ....
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Management Information Systems
.... Critique The relevance of this article to management information systems is .... essential to industry leadership status in the contemporary industrial environment ....
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