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crisis intervention
  Psychiatric Crisis Intervention & Use of Restraints
Psychiatric Crisis Intervention & Use of Restraints. Psychiatric Crisis Intervention: The Use of Restraints The management of acute ....
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.... turning point (Aguilera, 1990, p. 1). Crisis intervention can provide an individual with the assistance required to restore equilibrium to the person's life. ....
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Two Psychology Interventions
.... goals. As an example, crisis intervention and symptom stabilization might be sought in lieu of lasting personality change. Within ....
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Nature of Counseling
.... There is a clear need both for ongoing counseling programs and for crisis intervention when that becomes necessary, and the guidance counselor needs to know ....
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Case Study: Using Group-Centered Perspective
.... Crisis intervention includes assessment which must identify the criteria for risk and protection in individuals, and intervention to help cope with the stress. ....
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Schools and the Rapid Response Team For many
.... Mike Kennedy (1999), in describing the components of a crisis intervention/rapid response plan and the team as well as activities needed to implement such a ....
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Decision-Support Case Analysis
.... Crisis intervention is a means of resolving family conflicts. Crisis intervention extends from psychotherapy. The minimum therapeutic ....
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Student Case Study George, a loner and a
.... Modes of Helping & Objectives The method used to help George will include crisis intervention strategies that will encompass the following: assessment of the ....
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Depression in Adolescents
.... The proposed study examines the effectiveness of a group therapy intervention provided at a crisis intervention center for a sample of depressed adolescents. ....
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Nursing Theory Concepts
.... In contrast, Gerald Caplan's theory of crisis intervention describes a rationale for dealing with certain psychiatric patients. ....
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Grandparent Caretakers
.... Additionally, crisis intervention services, legal assistance, permanency planning, and skills to manage new family relationships and roles are identified by ....
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School Counseling Services «FR»
.... cannot be entirely effective unless in addition to counseling skills as such they also have skills related to consulting, crisis intervention, and coordination ....
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The Credit Crisis and Me (For Business Student)
.... While government intervention in this crisis may be necessary, one cannot help but recognize that this kind of intervention will influence this invisible hand. ....
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Homeless Individuals in Social Services Setting
.... A definition of case management will help to differentiate it from crisis intervention, group work, and community organization. ....
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Minnesota's Shelters for Battered Women
.... These services include 24-hour-a-day crisis intervention, information, and referral; arrangements for emergency housing and transportation; legal assistance ....
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AIDS & Group Therapy
.... (Fradkin, 1987, p.1) Fradkin further notes that when clients do receive seropositive results, the therapist needs to engage in crisis intervention. ....
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America's Health Care System
.... The only times the government becomes aggressively involved is in circumstances related to crisis intervention and significant risks to the public health. ....
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Swope Health Services
.... Outpatient services provide individual therapy, evaluation and medication services, psychological testing, prevention programs, crisis intervention, At Swope ....
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The abuse of Siblings: A case study proposal
.... Crisis intervention. (7th ed.). St. .... Crisis intervention with the family in the trauma setting. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 9(1), 67-81. ....
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Abused Children in Foster Care
.... programs of formal support. The focus is usually on crisis intervention: "formal support programs . . . have frequently demonstrated ....
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A significant number of children enter foster care
.... programs of formal support. The focus is usually on crisis intervention: "formal support programs . . . have frequently demonstrated ....
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Career-development Programs for School Athletes
.... However, information provision as well as crisis intervention is not inconsistent with making the athlete-client and not the counselor the important enterprise ....
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Church's and Counseling
.... 65). Crisis intervention is an important counseling activity. During a crisis the counselee may be disturbed or disoriented. The ....
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Application of Social Work Models to a Case
.... The Psychosocial model is considered to be influenced by general social casework theory as it relates to both family and crisis intervention, and by ....
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Inequity in US Health Delivery System
.... The only times the government becomes aggressively involved is in circumstances related to crisis intervention and significant risks to the public health. ....
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.... These activities typically include: case management, counseling and crisis intervention, health promotion, legal and regulatory compliance tasks, and worker ....
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School Violence: An Overview
.... Bryan, Carter, Orsi, and Durkan (2002) suggested that another important role for school counselors is participating in crisis intervention following violent ....
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Results of a Case Analysis Data Analy
.... To that end, universities such as the University of Maryland (1997) and Wellesley College (2002) have emphasized crisis intervention planning and the creation ....
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1998 Brazilian Political Economy Crisis
.... political economy, including the historical context in which the crisis surfaced the role .... in the early 1990s and the subsequent American intervention to save ....
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Mental Health Services
.... this paper, Health Care Associates, Incorporated (HCA) that specializes in providing mental health, as well as family/youth crisis intervention services, will ....
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