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  The Exxon Valdez & Environmental Damage Abst
.... the semipermeable membrane device, was also deployed to compare hydrocarbon uptake with .... G. Wells, James N. Butler, and Jane S. Hughes, Eds., Philadelphia, PA ....
(2048 8 )

Environmental Danger of BaP Levels
.... The substance, benzo[a]pyrene, is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) compound. .... In RO McClellan & RF Henderson (eds.), Concepts in inhalation toxicology (pp ....
(1826 7 )

Catalytic Converters
.... emissions include such things as heated catalytic converters and hydrocarbon adsorbers. .... In A. Crucq & A. Frennet (Eds.), Catalysis and Automotive Pollution ....
(1750 7 )

Oil Spills as an Environmental Issue
.... oil." After the Exxon Valdez spill, "scientists claimed to reduce hydrocarbon concentrates by 44 .... Howarth, Robert W. "Oil and Fish: Can They Co-Exist?" In eds. ....
(2038 8 )

Exxon Valdez Accident
.... problem, but it is quickly dispersed by winds and constitutes only a minor contribution to overall atmospheric hydrocarbon pollution.) Alaskan .... Aubin, eds. ....
(4224 17 )

Case Study: Democratization and the Rentier State
.... During 1992 - 1999, the hydrocarbon sector, on average, accounted for 30 percent of .... In D. Marsh and G. Stoker, Eds., Theory and Methods in Political Science. ....
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