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et al found
.... Kushi et al. found vitamin E consumption from food, to be inversely associated with risk of death from CHD in postmenopausal women. ....
(2363 9 )

Mother-Infant Interaction in Maternal Substance Abuse
.... French, et al. (1997) found that interactions between substance-abusing mothers and their newborns can be improved; quasi-experimental study with 83 mothers ....
(484 2 )

Drug Use & Deviance
.... Researchers found that children of addicts and/or deviant parents have a much .... in their parentÆs footstepso in the absence of protective factors (Nurco et al. ....
(726 3 )

Equity and Excellence in School Finance
.... Notably, Odden et al. found that both low-spending and high-spending school districts fund education spending in the same proportions, meaning that high ....
(1132 5 )

Transition Theory
.... Dunn et al. found that students had "difficulty in meeting their learning goals and did not see the clinical placement as a rewarding or fulfilling experience ....
(3189 13 )

Customer Relationship Management
.... However, Cooper, et al (2005) found in their study that family businesses tend to show less interest in CRM and to rank it as less important for success than ....
(451 2 )

How to Get Parents to Read with Their Kids
.... La Paro et al. found that most families participated in the school involvement activities when offered the opportunity to do so but there were barriers to this ....
(3609 14 )

Criminal Behavior Theories
.... In 1986, Marcos, Bahr and Johnson found that the best predictor of drug use was association with drug-using friends, but Dembo et al 1986, found it associated ....
(1051 4 )

Differential Association Theory
.... In 1986, Marcos, Bahr and Johnson found that the best predictor of drug use was association with drug-using friends, but Dembo et al 1986, found it associated ....
(1051 4 )

Differential Association Theory & Crime
.... In 1986, Marcos, Bahr and Johnson found that the best predictor of drug use was association with drug-using friends, but Dembo et al 1986, found it associated ....
(915 4 )

Artaud et al.
Artaud et al. .... Indeed it was a favorite ploy, when audience found themselves outraged by his subject matter, "to point with an air of injured innocence to the ....
(2886 12 )

In-Hospital Patient Care T
.... the authors found that "no single factor" accounted for length of stay in a cohort of women treated surgically for gynecologic cancer (Massad et al., 1993, pp. ....
(2714 11 )

Women and Depression
.... females have been to found to have lower personal self-esteem than boys from early adolescence onwards (Tashakkori, 1993, cited in Katz et al., 2002). ....
(2182 9 )

Metacognition Strategies for Reading Comprehension
.... challenges and the act of successful reading comprehension and found that self-regulation was closely related to reading comprehension (Dickson et al, 1998, ....
(945 4 )

Delivering Services to HIV/AIDs Patients
.... there was a significant decrease in the HIV risk in the group that remained in custody during the follow-up period, Lubelczyk et al. (2002) found that little ....
(1485 6 )

Medical Care Access and Inequality
.... variations in health status of individual patients were found in the dynamic interaction of education level, income level, and occupation (Lahelma, et al.: 2004 ....
(2421 10 )

Escherichia coli
.... undercooked hamburger meat found at certain fast food restaurants. This particular toxin can cause rapid kidney failure and patient death (Gill et al., 1996). ....
(1371 5 )

Study of Language and Communication Within the context of societal ...
.... the authors found that compliments about one's personality were perceived as the most meaningful, they were also among the most infrequent (Knapp, 18). ....
(1868 7 )

Language Disabilities
.... Along the same lines, Naylor, et al. (1994), cite research showing that severe anxiety and emotional disturbances found in physically able adolescents who ....
(2020 8 )

Major Depression
.... a study on major depressive disorder in adolescents and found that symptoms .... pessimistic thoughts, suicide ideation, and reported sadness, (Suzuki et al., 2005 ....
(2915 12 )

Forensic Science: DNA Technology Deoxyribonucle
.... When a match does occur, however, there is an extremely high probability of guilt (Young et al. 882). Britain's DNA Index has been found to be extremely ....
(1638 7 )

Analysis of an Intervention for Cocaine Abuse
.... However, this same study found that intensive individual counseling, based on psychodynamic .... 36 percent five-month abstinence rate (Crits-Christoph, et al, 1999 ....
(1879 8 )

Art Education (Dewey et al)
Art Education (Dewey et al). .... and qualities of art, Dewey argues, previous theorizers, obscured "the way in which these works idealize qualities found in common ....
(2850 11 )

Hormones and Weight-Training in Elderly Males
.... The study found that healthy elderly persons can participate in "sustained .... improvement in muscle strength and structure (12:M26)." Finally, Treuth et al. ....
(4471 18 )

Television Violence and Children
.... Huesmann et al. (2003) found that both male and female children's identification with aggressive TV characters and their beliefs that TV violence is real were ....
(3209 13 )

Causes of Violence in Schools
.... program, but used alone these methods are likely to be found ineffective. .... that schools reflect the values and problems inherent in society (Boothe, et. al 33). ....
(1792 7 )

Motivation in Elementary School Classrooms
.... Xiang et al. (2004) found that the motivation levels of the young children in group one was higher than for the children in group two. ....
(2864 11 )

Summary of Child Development
.... found that ten-year-olds identify strongly with their family background. When they come from impoverished families, they feel ashamed and angry (Adler et al., ....
(1361 5 )

Child Abuse & Delinquency
.... Blunt (et al, 1994) found that children with delinquent referrals were significantly more likely to have been referred for abuse than individuals who had ....
(3697 15 )

Impact of European Discoveries in the New World
.... Winthrop) was troubled by Scriptures, she found her connection to God in contemplation of Nature and the world. Edward Taylor (in Baym, et al, 90û92), was a ....
(1849 7 )

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