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  Structuring an Art Course
.... The Absolute bourgeois: Artists and politics in France (1848-1851) and a choice of either a) Norma Broude's Impressionism: A Feminist reading, the gendering of ....
(1676 7 )

Marxist-Feminist Criticism Marxist-Feminist Criticism
.... Brontes? 4. What does a Marxist Feminist reading of Hardy and the Brontes reveal regarding the ideological posture of each author? 5 ....
(2237 9 )

The Victorian Novel Marxist-Feminist Criticism
.... Brontes? 4. What does a Marxist Feminist reading of Hardy and the Brontes reveal regarding the ideological posture of each author? 5 ....
(2237 9 )

Structuralism & Feminist Literary Criticism
.... What this comes down to is that the contemporary feminist social critique is the starting point for reading texts and critiques alike. ....
(1630 7 )

Creating a syllabus for American Literature
.... By straddling these two very different vantage points, Faulkner provides an ideal text for a Feminist reading--the honest, complex portrayal of his female ....
(2436 10 )

Sylvia Plath's life and poetry
.... letter "I," leads the reader to consider "the subject as constructed and gendered within language" and, thus, the "possibility of a feminist reading opens up ....
(2871 11 )

Cindy Sherman: Sex Pictures, a Post-Structuralist Feminist ...
.... Certainly, in reading the feminist theory of critics such as Judith Butler, one can easily see that ShermanÆs ôsex pictureso series argues on the same side ....
(980 4 )

Freud's case study of Dora
.... he calls "Dora." The research will set forth the cultural context in which the case study appeared and then discuss ways in which a feminist reading of Freud's ....
(1772 7 )

The View of Marriage in Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House
.... Thus, whatever feminist reading one gives the play, Ibsen's stated intention was to address the ethical and spiritual factors without which marriage remains a ....
(1707 7 )

The Storm & Feminist Philosophy
.... Applying de BeauvoirÆs feminist philosophy to the character of Calixta, it is clear that Calixta is not .... ôThe Storm.o Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing. ....
(1004 4 )

Two Novels of Female Identity
.... For Walker, then, reading is half of the action of prayer itself. .... In Alice Walker's novel The Color Purple and Valerie Smith's essay "Black Feminist Theory and ....
(2015 8 )

Feminist Implications in Julius Caesar
.... Yet a close reading of the moral content and tragic spine of Julius Caesar yields an enormous fund of implications that can readily be associated with feminist ....
(2208 9 )

Katherine Anne Porter: A Feminist Critique
.... much reading discover what kinds of things recur and, more important still, if .... female difference that has been commented on by other feminist critics: whereas ....
(5316 21 )

Feminist Perspective of The Heptameron
.... that this is a book in which women are portrayed in a feminist light as .... one's] boredom and [one's] sorrow," and that single remedy is "the reading of holy ....
(2749 11 )

A Doll's House
.... dipped into the last few pages of "A Doll's House" before reading the whole .... by some observers as a spoiled representative of the middle class feminist who has ....
(1203 5 )

Natural Law Perspective
.... Reading 1.1. Marxist, legal realist, feminist, and critical legal studies approaches to law add to the complex questions already introduced by natural and ....
(2857 11 )

The Problem with Cultural Essentialism The mai
.... that refuses to accept cultural essentialism and which advances a feminist interpretation of .... to debate and must be understood from a careful reading of such ....
(630 3 )

Responding as a Reader
.... The distinction between slave and master blurs.o As Holcomb and Holcomb (976) suggest, a feminist critique or reading of the novel can be seen as revealing ....
(9995 40 )

Analysis of Emily Dickinson's Poem #732
.... understand the complexities and organization of the work, the feminist approach, again .... The emphasis remained on form and a "close reading and textual analysis ....
(1316 5 )

Nora's Departure in A Doll's House
.... it can be seen where this unofficial title comes from in reading A Doll's .... In Ibsen's Women, Templeton seems to agree with this feminist critique of the play ....
(1079 4 )

The Horse and His Rider
.... obscurity after her death, and has been resurrected in the feminist re-evaluation of .... and mostly modern personality whose writing is still worth reading for its ....
(1073 4 )

Closing of the American Mind
.... of philosophy, especially as reflected in the thinking of feminist challenge to .... A careful reading of Bloom reveals not that democratized philosophy necessarily ....
(3445 14 )

Women's Bodybuilding Gender Issues
.... Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. Ferris, EAE (1980). .... New York: The Feminist Press. Hoagland, SL (1982). Femininity, resistance, and sabotage. ....
(1929 8 )

Native American Scholarship
.... She makes an important contribution both to Native American and to feminist scholarship. The depth of research is astounding and reading the text is as ....
(5942 24 )

Lady Macbeth
.... The feminist view of Lady Macbeth's pressing beyond virtu is that, given the scope .... This reading makes Lady Macbeth no less villainous, but it provides a more ....
(959 4 )

Isabel Allende's novel The House of the Spirits
.... The author in this way displays her own feminist views and brings her .... to Clara (in her notebooks) and to Clara's granddaughter, Alba (reading those notebooks). ....
(2985 12 )

References Abel, Lionel. Metatheatre: A New View
.... "Writing Women and Reading the Renaissance." Renaissance Quarterly 44 (Winter 1991) 792-821. .... "Constructing the Subject: Feminist Practice and the New ....
(1213 5 )

Nella Larsen's "Passing"
.... A Black feminist approach to literature that embodies the realization that the politics .... Irene (xxx), and concludes that "any but the most open reading of the ....
(1710 7 )

Aspects of Battered Women
.... not just the overt acts of violence, but also, as the feminist perspective advocates .... are less likely to be victims of battering may only be reading the evidence ....
(2690 11 )

Any fair reading of Spelman's critique of Plato's privileging of mind over body .... that point, in comparison to the interpretations by other feminist commentators ....
(1088 4 )

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