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Search Results for films release video

Search Results for films release video

Miramax Films

.... Miramax Films is an independent film company that started more than 15 years ago with one film acquisition in release and that has developed into a major ....

2953 Words 12 Pages

Motion Picture Marketing

.... is unique in that each new product (film) may have an entirely different target market than the previous one, and the life cycle for films is remarkably short. ....

3701 Words 15 Pages

Animated Film Aladdin

.... lyrics for the video release and all subsequent releases. Yet, the film depends greatly on certain ideas about Arabia, stereotypes from earlier films more than ....

1524 Words 6 Pages

Appeal of the Film Casablanca

.... Since its release in late 1942, the black and white .... audiences (in movie theatres, on TV and video) and critics .... not go out of fashion as many other films of its ....

717 Words 3 Pages

Finding Nemo: Analysis of Box Office Figures

.... suggested that some huge box office films- ie, audience .... activities conducted before and during release of the .... film (and, later, on purchasing a video copy for ....

4619 Words 18 Pages