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  Spirituality in Modern Art Despite t
.... if not precisely most of the major artists and architects of the nineteenth and twentieth century have been involved in creating a fundamentally spiritual art. ....
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Physical Practice in Taoism
.... Again, the focus is on its utility in more mundane terms, rather than its existence as part of a whole system that is fundamentally spiritual in nature. ....
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Christianity & Environmentalism
.... That is, environmental problems are not divorced from values or from spiritual consciousness but rather are fundamentally spiritual, not physical in nature. ....
(5133 21 )

Voodoo: Search for the Spirit
.... respect and inclusion, however, has not dimmed the vitality at the heart of voodoo, nor blemished the fact that voodoo is fundamentally a spiritual way of life ....
(1205 5 )

Changing Perspectives of Business Ethics
.... the failures of modern technology require a revolutionary new approach to leadership and management which is fundamentally anchored in a spiritual perspective. ....
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Biblical Sources
.... Seeing human identity in the world as fundamentally moral in character sets the .... Jesus is reinterpreting the old law in purely spiritual terms, and claiming ....
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Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov
.... suffering, darkness, death and despair that without Alyosha's fundamentally loving nature at .... and he serves as the vessel of Dostoyevsky's spiritual hope for ....
(3258 13 )

Learning as a Way of Being
.... in a culture or environment should lead individuals to seek spiritual fulfillment and .... Vaill (1996, p. 179) says "spirituality seeks fundamentally to get beyond ....
(1151 5 )

Apostolic Spirituality
.... remember in thinking about Paul is that he was fundamentally and primarily .... university developing a comprehensive and consistent theological and spiritual system ....
(5167 21 )

Andre Gide
.... mirrors, and in many ways influences) this psychological and spiritual journey of his. Meursault is, for most of the book, both fundamentally impassive and ....
(712 3 )

Max Weber's Views of Religious Traditions
.... formulating the compulsions of individuals in economic rather than spiritual terms, ie .... identified with the Church of Rome are not fundamentally capitalistic. ....
(1288 5 )

Free Will & Predestination
.... As the revivalists interpreted it, they had undergone spiritual rebirth and the birth of a new self that fundamentally transformed their sense of their ....
(2527 10 )

Analysis of TS Eliot's The Waste Land
.... Fundamentally, then, the wasted land of Eliot's poem is analogous to the .... the early part of the century encompassed an aesthetic and spiritual drought, leaving ....
(1995 8 )

The Catholic Priesthood
.... exhorted to continue their studies, and the process of spiritual formation, so .... The Sacrament of Orders fundamentally configures the recipient to Christ so that ....
(1265 5 )

Russian Poet Zinaida Hippius
.... of thought that seeks correspondence between physical and spiritual realms but .... What is "beyond" is fundamentally ambiguous, although the element of religious ....
(1754 7 )

Christian Theology & Non-Christian Perspectives «FR»
.... But both secular and spiritual writing presuppose the rational faculty in .... essays to deal with rationalism--rationalize life from fundamentally different basic ....
(5592 22 )

Paul Tillich & Other Religious Perspectives
.... But both secular and spiritual writing presuppose the rational faculty in .... essays to deal with rationalism--rationalize life from fundamentally different basic ....
(5591 22 )

The Comfort Woman & Japan
.... There was a revival of Shinto, which is a fundamentally shamanistic religion, and a reemphasis on some of the moral and spiritual values of Confucianism. ....
(1212 5 )

The Paradox of Confucianism
.... of Heaven from an anthropomorphic being to that of a spiritual and moral one. .... Buddhism, insisting that human life should be seen as "fundamentally good" rather ....
(1436 6 )

Theories of Leadership
.... Fundamentally, Bolman and Deal assert that leadership should be about helping people create .... Leadership is a spiritual quest, and the quest is toward wholeness ....
(4138 17 )

Female Mystics
.... An alliance with spiritual authority was .... The tendency among men then, and now, when confronted with a type of organization that is fundamentally different from ....
(2760 11 )

Taoist Concept of the Tao
.... day conduct, while Lao-tse was concerned more with the spiritual needs of .... undifferentiated as possible drove Lao-tse to take a fundamentally mystical position. ....
(1258 5 )

The Paradox of Intention Introduction The quote
.... the Eastern tradition, the ox pictures, the individual who seeks spiritual growth does .... and names and images for this, but it is fundamentally inexpressible and ....
(1794 7 )

Major Characters in The Great Gatsby In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott ...
.... the American dream, Daisy is all materialistic and has no spiritual base .... Daisy is fundamentally unattainable to Gatsby because she really belongs more to Tom's ....
(1860 7 )

The Gospels for All Christians
.... and punishments for those who lead or fail to lead the spiritual life as .... however, Barton argues that "the spirituality of Matthew is fundamentally biblical and ....
(4039 16 )

Journal Entries
.... work is fundamentally a secular enterprise and religious theory and praxis are not. Thus any dilemma that presented would be compounded according as spiritual ....
(5048 20 )

The French Republic
.... journalists, notably Emile Zola, turned the affair into a spiritual storm which .... of French society, on the other were the Radicals, fundamentally skeptical of ....
(1725 7 )

.... nature in which the female is afforded both academic and spiritual education. .... Identity is fundamentally an issue of attitude and sentiment the differences in ....
(4710 19 )

Religious Symbolism of Spirit
.... The idea of spirit and spiritual changed in the Christian .... further developed in Trinitarian formulations about Trinitarianism as fundamentally representing the ....
(2393 10 )

Ethnomedical Attributes of the Zar Cult
.... in the Sudan as ruled since the early 1980s is fundamentally a theocracy. .... Group participation and spiritual content are significant attributes of the zar; it ....
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