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fundamentally spiritual art
  Spirituality in Modern Art Despite t
.... if not precisely most of the major artists and architects of the nineteenth and twentieth century have been involved in creating a fundamentally spiritual art. ....
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Music in American Fashion: Forms of Art
.... Currid explains that creativity "is fundamentally about generating .... entry of new forms of art and culture .... own fashion sense and spiritual values metamorphosed ....
(1929 8 )

Physical Practice in Taoism
.... US, it is probably even more identified as a form of martial art in this .... than its existence as part of a whole system that is fundamentally spiritual in nature ....
(3239 13 )

Russian Poet Zinaida Hippius
.... the interpenetration of life, art, and social .... correspondence between physical and spiritual realms but .... What is "beyond" is fundamentally ambiguous, although ....
(1754 7 )

Zen Buddhism & the Arts
.... examined the ways in which the spiritual, philosophical and .... These art forms are not in any way ancillary .... of the worshippers but is fundamentally distinct from ....
(4140 17 )

Conflict Theory
.... of social harmony to accompany economic growth was as fundamentally disconfirming for .... Their art and the emotional/physical/spiritual impulse behind ....
(4330 17 )

Frank Lloyd Wright
.... were the only works of art which he .... by both the secular and the more spiritual elements contained .... and source, the strength and, fundamentally, the significance ....
(1363 5 )

Major Characters in The Great Gatsby In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott ...
.... Daisy is fundamentally unattainable to Gatsby because she .... without some kind of spiritual foundation, the .... The Great Gatsby - The Intricate Art." Critical Essays ....
(1860 7 )

Nietzsche's View of Tragedy
.... the source of fundamental--and fundamentally skewed and .... the abiding phenomenon of Dionysiac art, which expresses .... has the effect of assigning spiritual value to ....
(3810 15 )

Character of Japanese Business Management
.... firm; by macromanagement we mean the art of managing a .... and real estate, as his spiritual ancestor was .... the soldiers regard their officers fundamentally as "the ....
(3523 14 )

.... hand ax, and still used "a fundamentally very simple .... early humans conceived of their art, many scholars .... their world but were aesthetic, spiritual, or magical ....
(4505 18 )

Post-Modern Dance Artists
.... in the context of serious art, dances borrowed .... inspired and influenced by the spiritual dances and .... can be about anything, but it is fundamentally and primarily ....
(1617 6 )

Journal Entries
.... believe and hope in (say) art, politics, emotion .... than that social work is fundamentally a secular .... would be compounded according as spiritual concerns were also ....
(5048 20 )

Ethnomedical Attributes of the Zar Cult
.... as ruled since the early 1980s is fundamentally a theocracy. .... of an ailment in a spiritual way .... consciousness-raising and "feminist performance art" (234) typical ....
(4233 17 )

19th Century Novels and Physics
.... as fundamentally decent, if fundamentally flawed .... her work, citing Tolstoy's comment that art should transform .... phenomenal reality against the spiritual experience ....
(6133 25 )

Notre Dame
.... In the Gothic period...these needs were fundamentally those of .... not the myths or legends of the spiritual realm. .... While sculpture and art of the Gothic period do ....
(2811 11 )

World Religions
.... to a high and mystical art) (Nielsen, et .... Constantine converted to Christianity and fundamentally made it .... who questioned its authority in spiritual matters, to ....
(6456 26 )

Heidegger's Architecture: An Analysis
.... possibility is driven out: eg art, great statesmanship .... to ourselves as something more 'spiritual' fails, and .... that most basically and fundamentally defines what ....
(5253 21 )

Concept of Toleration in American Society
.... trustbuster in the world of art, preventing artistic .... be understood as a spiritual self-discipline .... commenting that Americans are fundamentally ambivalent toward ....
(5367 21 )

La Vida Es Sueno Pedro Calderon de la Barca y Henao
.... philosophy about the world, in which spiritual goodness and .... intent, is whether he is actually fundamentally different in the .... to boast of who thou art and make ....
(2916 12 )

.... relationships, but, compared to his art, these would .... if not caused by a fundamentally sadomasochistic relationship .... and analyzed by A Spiritual Woman, pleading ....
(3788 15 )

Romantic & Victorian Era Poetry
.... Moreover, the spiritual entities in the "Rime" do not .... many fields, and that he was fundamentally intellectual rather .... In the broad daylight Thou art unseen, yet ....
(7793 31 )

Aquinas' Proofs for Existence of God The purpose of this research ...
.... Platonic errors in these different domains fundamentally many .... that God exists in the spiritual realm and .... Whether God Exists?," The Summa Theologica, Q.2., Art. ....
(6145 25 )

Episcopal Church & Issue of Homosexuality
.... read as a metaphor embodying deeper spiritual truths. .... determining human sexual orientation is fundamentally the same .... the current state of the art of biomedical ....
(5319 21 )

Living in Sin: A Bishop Rethinks Human Sexuality
.... read as a metaphor embodying deeper spiritual truths. .... determining human sexual orientation is fundamentally the same .... the current state of the art of biomedical ....
(5319 21 )

Terrorist Activities Findings We have seen that in the cour
.... would turn back toward their historical and spiritual roots. .... "Propaganda by the deed," then, depends fundamentally on the .... The Art of War in the Western World. ....
(5192 21 )

Cultural Anthropology
.... on these basic and fundamentally important cultural .... whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law .... in one case, therefore, spiritual and incorporeal ....
(8620 34 )

International Terrorism Intro
.... In short, if in fact Shaikh Rahman was the "spiritual leader" of .... like many acts of conventional war is fundamentally a means .... The Art of War in the Western World ....
(5735 23 )

World Trade Center Bombing & Shakh Abdul Rahman
.... In short, if in fact Shaikh Rahman was the "spiritual leader" of .... like many acts of conventional war is fundamentally a means .... The Art of War in the Western World ....
(6132 25 )

The Ideas and Beliefs of Newt Gingrich
.... its emphasis on material over the spiritual and political .... Fundamentally, Gingrich is arguing that conservative politics can .... in the analysis of the art of war ....
(6366 25 )

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