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  Annotated Bibliography of Government Portals: This annotated ...
.... United States Border Patrol This government site gives information about the mission and operations of the US Border Patrol. ....
(1312 5 )

Information Technology and Social Progress
.... for strategic planning, allocation of resources, setting policy, and guiding all programs of the Department and County Government Information Technology (IT ....
(3550 14 )

Information Technologies and Privacy The afterm
.... technology has consistently withstood legal challenge, privacy issues do emerge when government agencies use personally identifiable information for purposes ....
(1268 5 )

Information Security Challenges
.... While nearly organizations are primarily concerned about viruses, large government organizations and companies with highly sensitive information are concerned ....
(2110 8 )

Changing Government
.... Government is seen as essentially inefficient in its ability to use information, and this has come about because government has grown piece by piece without a ....
(1938 8 )

Computers & Information Privacy Concerns
.... age was that the government would be the entity to commit a breach of privacy, and it is true that the government today has far more information on each ....
(1591 6 )

.... it believes are violations of human rights whether perpetrated by governments, quasi-government institutions, or private enterprise. Information thus remains a ....
(978 4 )

Information Superhighway
.... information. Unlike asphalt highways built by the government, the information highway is today being built by private industry. Among ....
(3740 15 )

Non-Government Organizations
.... and association of some NGOs with the UN's public information group ("Association .... In this way, NGOs that are based on non-government organizations become ....
(2643 11 )

Information Superhighway
.... to build a network of interconnected businesses, individuals and government agencies that would open up new research tools and sources of information that would ....
(1960 8 )

Information technology
.... In late 1985, the government established the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) to give support to the Cabinet and top policy makers on key ....
(9600 38 )

.... He was not discovered because the government's information files were not connected to any of the other databases, such as the credit card company. ....
(2134 9 )

Public Opinion & the Role of the Government
.... open society vis a vis the government and the public interest, and the position of the media in balancing the claims of various information based constituencies ....
(3276 13 )

Governmental Accounting
.... It Provides information on all government funds including those held outside the government treasury. The CAFR presents information ....
(1321 5 )

The Information Technology Industry
.... Figure 2. Role of information technology in US GDP, 1997-2003 .... to their native countries as IT professionals owing to an array of government-sponsored incentives ....
(2723 11 )

.... Accounting Office Report Brown, M.(1996),An empirical assessment of the hurdles to geographic information system success in local government, State and Local ....
(1654 7 )

Grant Research & Writing
.... The Government Information Services/Education Funding Research Council (GIS/EFRC) is another source which can be tapped into on line, as can FundNet Services ....
(1803 7 )

Keynes and Government
.... The plan takes into account information which is only available to those within industry (and other private sectors) and which government could only approximate ....
(3822 15 )

Interactive Computing
.... In totalitarian countries, the desire is to protect government prerogatives to control information and to prevent the spread of democracy in places like China ....
(1117 4 )

The Information Age
.... Information Age is well under way, fueled by the development of the personal computer and more massive computer systems utilized by business and government. ....
(2206 9 )

Library Catalaoging Department Budget Qua
.... 17. Quam, E. (2001). Informing and evaluating a metadata initiative. Government Information Quarterly, 18 (3), 181 û 194. XML Applications ....
(5515 22 )

Distance Learning Education
.... can be seen in America where state governments, including North Carolina, Utah and Texas, are not waiting for the federal government's information highway but ....
(7302 29 )

Criminal Trial Preparation This paper will discu
.... A defense attorney will also want to gather information on the government's investigation, looking for discrepancies and constitutional errors committed during ....
(1593 6 )

US and Arab Media Coverage of Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
.... Further, the extent to which a media outlet's reportage is likely to either reinforce or interrogate government information positioning appears to vary with ....
(9803 39 )

Saudi Internet
.... However, most Saudis now have satellite dishes and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for the government to erect barriers to information in the ....
(1835 7 )

Five-Year Information Systems Plan
.... With widespread computerization in business, government, and science, the discovery of useful information efficiently and effectively from large databases ....
(1512 6 )

Telecommunications technology
.... information is stored online in data banks used by financial, commercial, and government institutions, the very availability of information puts individual ....
(960 4 )

A Qualitative Evaluation of the PATRIOT Act
.... that the War on Terror has necessitated some type of restructuring of the ways in which the United States government will collect information on potential ....
(2523 10 )

Computer information technology
.... The information superhighway includes the Internet and other public and private networks through which students can access news reports, government documents ....
(1236 5 )

Gobal Cyber Crime
.... on, the information presented would be the same as presented nowùthe appropriate government agency links, pertinent legislation, and corollary information. ....
(1139 5 )

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