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  The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). .... (2005). Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Retrieved Aug. 20, 2005 from:
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Telecommunications Industry Association Website
Telecommunications Industry Association Website. .... (2005). Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Retrieved Aug. 20, 2005 from:
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Music File Sharing & Napster
.... copyrights. Napster lost in Court against the powerful conglomerate known as the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Napster ....
(704 3 )

Impact of Illegal File Sharing on Music Industry
.... Wade states that according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which is the trade group that represents the US recording industry, ôunit ....
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The Travel Industry
In February 2000, the Travel Industry Association of America released a survey study entitled "Travelers Turn to the Net - Market Soars" which pointed out that ....
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Internet & Global Travel Industry Market
In February 2000, the Travel Industry Association of America released a survey study entitled "Travelers Turn to the Net - Market Soars" which pointed out that ....
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.... but virtually every business and job in the nation" (National 1). The NRA is not the only industry association opposed to OSHA ergonomics legislation. ....
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Downloading Music & Copyright Protection
.... The top five companies are unified in the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the group that has recently been in the news for suing Napster to ....
(1577 6 )

Labor Productivity in Water Heater Industry
.... such as the powerful ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions) and industry-wide associations such as the MTIA (Metal Trades Industry Association) before the ....
(3145 13 )

The Thailand Garment Industry & Economy
.... Viroj Amatrakulchal, head of ThailandÆs Garment ManufacturersÆ Association says, æThe industry wonÆt grow as fast as hoped.Æ He cited the continued impact ....
(4366 17 )

Structure of the Tobacco Industry
.... July 19). Looking through a key hole at the tobacco industry. Journal of the American Medical Association, 274, 219-224. Hanauer ....
(2638 11 )

Outdoor Advertising Industry
The outdoor advertising industry, according to the official organization, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) is a continuously growing ....
(1303 5 )

.... a federal judge ordered Verizon, a fast-growing telephone company and Internet service provider (ISP) to answer a Recording Industry Association of America ....
(1322 5 )

Constrained vs. Dynamic Court Debate
.... The second party to the case consisted of members of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), a professional association that acted against ....
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.... Among them are: National Apparel Industry Chamber (Camara Nacional de le .... Camara Nacional de la Industria Textil) Textile Entrepreneurs Association of Puebla ....
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Physical Fitness Industry
.... One area of the fitness industry that has grown and prospered tremendously as a .... From 1975, when the Association of Physical Fitness Centers was formed, until ....
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.... (American Meat Institute, 2002) It is to be expected that management in the industry and the American Meat Association would view conditions in the industry ....
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Hollywood Rating System Since 1968, the Motion Picture Association ...
.... that the government might undertake the role of regulating the movie industry. .... this type of self-regulating body, the Motion Picture Association of America ....
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Intellectual Property Rights
.... The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is a movie industry association organized to promote the international dissemination of American films and to ....
(3248 13 )

Power of Tobacco Industry Lobbies
.... Several representatives of the Tobacco Growers Association lobbied for months in .... are suffering because of the growing competition within the industry (Root 1 ....
(1294 5 )

American Automobile Industry - Creative Solution
.... long-term governmental financial assistance for the industry within 270 days > Project sponsor: American Automobile Manufacturers Association (AAMA) > Research ....
(743 3 )

Market and Product Overview
.... associations and institutes Association for Consumer Research Association of Marketing .... distributors should be examining their options.(Industry Overview) The ....
(1964 8 )

Business Continuity Planning in the Pest Control Industry
.... The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) sponsored research which revealed that 24 .... than do it yourself products (Pest control industry continues..., 2005 ....
(1232 5 )

Wataniya Telecommunications
.... Diaz cites a Computing Technology Industry Association survey that found that "Companies that give their workers the option of telecommuting are seeing greater ....
(444 2 )

Program Director Research
.... Well, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, which certifies gold and platinum albums, Whitney Houston's Bodyguard, which has sold 16 ....
(1980 8 )

Evolution of Railroads In North America
.... Indeed, the Association of American Railroads (2009) stated that railroads no longer had the funds to properly maintain their tracks and the industry had ....
(1506 6 )

Government Security
.... But as an IIA (Information Industry Association] spokesman told the House, "NSDD 145 advances the theory that separate pieces of unclassified information can ....
(5450 22 )

Korean Economic Development
.... rubber which before 1981 could be imported only by two agencies--the Korean Footwear Export Association and the Korea Tyre Industry Association--for two ....
(2348 9 )

Ergonomics in the Office
.... composed of company management and leaders of labor unions representing company employees ___ Adopt ergonomic policies based in industry association work place ....
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Analysis of the General Demand Function Analysis of General Demand ...
.... Relevant Data Concerning the Number of Producers in the Industry Relying on definitions provided by the International Association of Financial Planners (IAFP ....
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