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Search Results for institute alcohol

Search Results for institute alcohol

Case-study Protocol for an Alcohol

.... Case-study Protocol for an Alcohol. Page Count: 13 Length: 3134 Words. This research sets forth a case-study protocol for an alcoholic ....

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Mental Health & Substance Abuse & Geriatrics

.... primary care organization to specialty clinics outside the primary care setting for mental health (ie, Berkeley Therapy Institute) and alcohol abuse services ....

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.... According to the national Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 20 percent of American teenagers are problem drinkers (Alexander, 1991, pp. 527-532). ....

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Alcoholism as a Major Problem in the US

.... and social symptoms. Once addicted, the alcoholic continues to consume alcohol despite the destructive consequences. While the particular ....

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Outpatient Treatment & the Alcoholic

.... Indeed, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) estimates that one in four American families is affected adversely by alcohol problems ....

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Adolescent Drinking Behavior

.... Data from the National Institute of Mental Health Epidemiologic Catchment Area Program .... extensive review of theories of the etiology of alcohol abuse, Davison ....

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Research Design on Alcohol Usage

.... In this regard, the National Institute of Drug Abuse (1991) has reported that while the highest levels of alcohol abuse exist among young adults, it is ....

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Relationships Between Drug Use & Crime

.... In addition, it is widely reported that 70 percent to 85 percent of state inmates have histories of serious alcohol or substance abuse problems. ....

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How Drug Use Impacts the Family

.... Drug use can precipitate such a crisis. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how drugs, including alcohol, impact the family. ....

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.... A report of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse. to the United States Congress in 1981 revealed the following: 1. Alcohol related automobile accidents cost. ....

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Employee Assistance Programs and Domestic Violence

.... It was estimated by the National Institute of Health that drug and alcohol problems cost society $246 billion in 1992 (Drotos, 1999). ....

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Problem-Solving Program for Adolescents' Self-Concept

An essay or paper on Problem-Solving Program for Adolescents.

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Drug testing in the workplace

.... The use of alcohol and drugs during working hours is most often a .... The frequency of substance abuse has, however, required that employers institute policies and ....

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.... and get carried away in the bloodstream (National Cancer Institute, 2000 .... These include lifestyle (smoking, alcohol use, diet, sexual practices), the environment ....

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.... swing. Alcohol is a drug that makes the person feel good. .... Before this stage, alcohol had only a beneficial effect on the drinker. At ....

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Drug Addiction

.... effective were beliefs at the core of the Hughes Act, signed by Richard M. Nixon, establishing the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). ....

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Criminals and the recidvism rate

An essay or paper on Criminals and the recidvism rate. One of the major problems in knowing how to deal with criminals is the high recidivism rate. According to ....

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The Epidemiology of Human Cancer The Public

.... Because cancer is so prevalent, the National Cancer Institute is taking steps to .... caused by lifestyle choices (ie, tobacco use, nutrition, alcohol use, sexual ....

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Drug Use and Abuse by Teenagers

.... 6 percent drank alcohol daily, and 20 percent smoked cigarettes every day" (Kelber, 1995, p. 141). In late 1999, the Parents' Resource Institute for Drug ....

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Homelessness Among Juveniles in LA County

.... Homeless adolescents are at high risk for drug and alcohol abuse, HIV infection, other .... The actual extent of the problem is unknown, but the Institute for the ....

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COCAINE & THE UNBORN BABY Introduction This r

.... the 1990 Household Survey on Drug Abuse, by the National Institute on Drug .... Of these women, 50.8 percent used alcohol, 29 percent smoked cigarettes, 8 percent ....

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Legally Mandated Treatment Programs

.... Generally, treatment is considered an option or as part of an offender's sentence when the crime seems to involve drugs, alcohol, mental illness or predatory ....

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Increasing Penalties for Drunk Driving Repeat Offenders

.... state MADD report decried a decrease in drunken driving arrests, a reluctance to pass tougher drunken driving laws and an increase in alcohol-related traffic ....

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Faith-Based Initiatives and At-Risk Youth Memor

.... Initiatives targeting at-risk youth - from delinquents to school dropouts and underachievers, youth in gangs, youth involved in drug and alcohol use, and ....

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Drug Testing in the WorkPlace Drug testing in the workplace is a

.... The use of alcohol and drugs during working hours is most often a .... The frequency of substance abuse has, however, required that employers institute policies and ....

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