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milder 1975
  Nathaniel Hawthorne
.... O'Connor, however, would have debated that the tenderness, grace, and charity of the liberal reformer was "mawkish, theoretical, and corrupt" (Milder, 1975, p. ....
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Image of Indian in 19th Century Historical Novel
.... In this regard, Milder reads The Last of the Mohicans as Cooper's mythic .... s Crack-up: A Bostonian on the Oregon Trail." New England Ouarterly 48.1 (1975): 84- ....
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Overview of Mainstreaming
.... Moreover, with respect to children in the milder categories, a regular school .... the so-called Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975, granted all ....
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.... the rate of six-percent per annum (average) in the 1971-1975 period and .... well for the international coffee trader who hopes to introduce the milder Central and ....
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.... the rate of six percent per annum (average) in the 1971 1975 period and .... well for the international coffee trader who hopes to introduce the milder Central and ....
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.... it is a 'milder' emotion" (Hochschild, 1990, p. 119). Emotion functions as a sense; thus, emotion "is a part of our sentient nature" (Hochschild, 1975, p. 282 ....
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Ali ibn Abi Talib
.... Hasan, who had "inherited the milder humane qualities of his grandfather Muhammad, without his .... Persian Studies Series 5. Albany: State U of New York P, 1975. ....
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Primary dentition & Overall Health
.... as a full-strength solution for pulpotomy (31), confirming the findings of a 1975 study (52 .... A milder degree of inflammation was seen with the diluted formocresol ....
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The Grapes of Wrath
.... that the phrase "white trash," and synonyms such as "trailer trash" and (perhaps somewhat milder) "redneck," have a .... "The Okies, Forty Years Later." (1975). ....
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Copoal Punishment in American Schools
.... In 1975, in Goss v. Lopez, a 5-4 decision by the Supreme .... a sober and loving environment, and reinforces rather than substitutes for milder discipline strategies ....
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