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mobutu power
  Zaire & the Regime of Mobutu Zaire has the potential to be a very ...
.... does within his borders." Because of their strategic interests in Zaire, various Western nations have been influential in getting Mobutu in power and keeping ....
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Realpolitik Approach & Zaire
.... Once in power, Mobutu sought to centralize state power in order to penetrate all aspects, but in the economic realm, these efforts met with catastrophic results ....
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Colonialism & Imperialism in the Congo
.... As such international support grew to remove King Leopold from power over the Congo .... office days later in a military coup led by Joseph Mobutu (History, 1993, 1 ....
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Economic Underdevelopment & Famine
.... policy mismanagement. President Mobutu Sese Seko has ruled Zaire since 1965, seizing power through a CIA supported coup. In Mobutu's ....
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Benin Historical & Political Dynamics
.... Power was handed over to a presidential council in 1970. .... body and could then be compared with those of President Eyadema in neighboring Togo or Mobutu in Zaire ....
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INTRODUCTION Most of sub-Saharan Africa has lon
.... might be a conflict, perhaps because this is the third case of power-sharing between .... France long backed Zaire's Mobutu Sese Seko, and his fall was a further ....
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Water Problems in the Middle East
.... outside its borders, the main project proposals being in Lake Mobutu (Uganda and Zaire .... Until recently, Cairo's control of the Nile through power and large-scale ....
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