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  Moral Respect
.... Kant, observes Kupler, saw autonomy as self-legislation: it consisted of one individual acting on personal values, ideals and moral choices. ....
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Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development
.... by Alan Ball. This film is filled with moral choices that show many of the earlier stages of Kohlberg=s scheme. Most of these characters ....
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Morality/Immorality of Worlds of Business & Politics
.... in the world's work?" And her answer is, "No, that demoralizing notion is nonsense." She says that "clear rules" inform us as to the moral choices we should ....
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Political Philosophy
.... the other. The Athenians, confronted with fundamental moral choices, make them, for good or ill, wisely or foolishly. In contrast ....
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Development of Morality in Children
.... By asking her subjects to discuss how and why they made certain moral choices in their lives, she ascertains that: a) the subjects differ in their moral ....
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Normative Determinism
.... and ethical rules will differ profoundly from culture to culture; however, the expectation that an adult human being can and must make moral choices based on ....
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Moral Choice
.... horrors perpetrated by a few men who were moral in their lives until history shifted and required a different sort of morality from them. The choices they made ....
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A Complete Ethics
.... Thus, from Kant's perspective, it is man's free will supported by his reason that leads to making moral choices. Next, Kant discussed ....
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Mrs. Warren's Profession v. The Good Woman of Setzuan
.... Te: . Show the connection between the economic system of capitalism and the lifestyle and moral choices made by individuals. . Show ....
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An American Tragedy & Literary Controversy
.... motives instead of selfish and even evil ones, but the society in which they live is so thoroughly structured to discourage such moral choices that the odds ....
(1823 7 )

Views of Various Philosophers
.... of inequality, and she finds that women describe a morality of responsibility that indicates a way of analyzing situations and making moral choices. ....
(2677 11 )

Biomedical Moral Issues
Biomedical Moral Issues Introduction According to Porter, Johnson, and Warren (2005 .... Discussing the patientÆs beliefs and choices with individuals who will be ....
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Guidelines for Ethical Choices Nursing personnel, perhaps more tha
.... action in the face of conflicting choices." Ethics is also defined as "the study of values in human conduct." Ethics provide the basis for moral decision-making ....
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Moral Analysis of Drug Addiction
.... However, Courtwright fails to recognize that the moral principle of autonomy includes permitting individuals to make choices that impact their lives without ....
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Ethical Theories & Moral Dilemmas
.... A strong moral code should enable the individual to make the decision as to the relative merits of the two choices, whether one is more right than the other ....
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Moral Codes in Literature
.... for example, know that death is the only possible end for their chosen course, so nearly all these makers of moral codes recognize that their choices may mean ....
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Moral Codes of Fictional Characters
.... for example, know that death is the only possible end for their chosen course, so nearly all these makers of moral codes recognize that their choices may mean ....
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The Moral Life & Happiness
.... Human choices may seem to involve a conflict between moral character and happiness at the time a choice is made, but this is because the individual is taking a ....
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Huckleberry Finn as Tragifarce In his Adventures of Huckleberry ...
.... Despite powerful social conventions, he eventually makes moral choices which show that he has learned to respect the value of human life. ....
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Satirical Elements in Huckleberry Finn In his Adventures of ...
.... Despite powerful social conventions, he eventually makes moral choices which show that he has learned to respect the value of human life. ....
(2039 8 )

The Limits of Liberalism
.... This is the same problem we saw earlier in another guise in noting that moral choices are forever intruding themselves into liberal politics. ....
(3944 16 )

Death Penalty for Drunk Driving
.... The notion of retributive justice holds that "man is a responsible moral agent to whom rewards are due when he makes right moral choices and to whom punishment ....
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History of Mental Illness & Control of Women
.... perception that, whatever else might be true, the mentally ill were not merely criminals, largely because they were unable to make moral choices between right ....
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Right to Life
.... the rights of its citizens, including the unborn or potential, then it will make legal abortions a thing of the past and continue to search for moral choices. ....
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.... There are economic, personal, sexual, moral choices the student must make day by day, and with no guidance from God through the authority of the Prophet, he or ....
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Mental Retardation Tasks facing early professi
.... treatment. Those that are untreatable should be reported to the mother so that individual moral choices can be made. The authors ....
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The Sopranos
.... It's about moral choices made on a landscape of moral desolation, about the inevitability of corruption at all levels, about the will to survive and the ....
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Reason and the Moral Life
Living a moral life means living a life of reason, for to live a moral life one must make choices, which means one must apply reason to alternatives and select ....
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Ethics and Business
.... Gustafson refrains from advocating that the human community is confined to a state of relativism about moral choices, but he does suggest that ethics are ....
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Mary Wollstonecraft's Equal Rights for Women
.... up everything for this man, she replied, "I love him and love is all that matters." Wollstonecraft argues women would make stronger moral choices than this if ....
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