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  Acceptance of Nurse Practitioners
.... and unhappy, the role of the NP is increasing, information regarding MD acceptance of NPs is conflicting, and information regarding nurse acceptance of NPs is ....
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.... It is quite likely that in the future, the public will show increased acceptance of the role of the nurse practitioner, although it can be pointed out that ....
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The position of nurse practitioner
.... nursing practitioners can provide as good, if not better, treatment for diabetic patients as doctors, and that patient acceptance of nurse practitioners is not ....
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Advanced Practice Nurse
.... Unconditional acceptance for a nurse means using empathy to accept a patient as worthy, with no strings attached, whatever their condition. ....
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Nurse Administration & Paradigmatic Model
.... appear to revolutionize the field of nursing in general and nurse administration in .... to Glazer (2000), used to provide a certain degree of acceptance for all ....
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Nurse Practitioners and Prescribing Medication
.... public as the consumer of health care is slowly being educated toward acceptance of a .... Nurse practitioners are well suited to be an important part of this shift ....
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Nurse Recruitment
.... suggested solution to the recruitment problem is to seek nurse educators from .... for a specific organization, and (3) belief in and acceptance of organizational ....
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Jean Watson's Nursing Theory This paper presents an analysis and c
.... negative feelings--highlights the importance of the expression of both positive and negative feelings and the nurse's acknowledgment and acceptance of those ....
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Case Management for the Nursing Profession Introduction
.... service, are time limited, and must be authorized in advance by FHP's Alternative Health Care Coordinator, a Registered Nurse. Acceptance for Alternative ....
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A Role for Advanced Nurse Practitioners in Emergency Care Settings
.... the success of such a strategy is the acceptance by other health care professionals of a well-defined independent role for advanced nurse practitioners. ....
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The Practice of Euthanasia
.... In terms of the doctor-patient-nurse relationship, the controversy of euthanasia .... At the present time, there appears to be growing acceptance that euthanasia ....
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Aspects of the Nursing Profession
.... reduce or eliminate the distortion in perspective caused by non-critical acceptance of one source of knowing and thereby broaden the nurse's general knowledge ....
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Advance Practice Nursing
.... frequently encountered expressions of grief are the "why me?" reaction, self-blame, bafflement, self-pity, and acceptance. The advanced practice nurse must be ....
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Midwifery in the 20th Century
.... of more effective treatments, lead to increased public acceptance of medicine .... Mary Breckenridge believed that nurse-midwives would make impact on the outcome ....
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Measuring Quality of Delivered Nursing Services
.... As both criteria for acceptance of the hypothesis were met, hypothesis number .... their Brazilian counterparts in relation to the following: a. Nurse assigned too ....
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.... legal aspects, and perceived rights and duties of the doctor, nurse, and patient .... study of a group of physicians caring for HIV patients, acceptance of assisted ....
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Nursing Opportunities in EMS
.... administrators are also required to negotiate with centers regarding acceptance of patients .... Nurse managers have increasingly been in the position to plan and ....
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Weiss (2005) A Journey in Holistic Growth
.... what I have experienced personally and in a caring-healing role as a professional nurse. .... I find that while men may be more advanced in their acceptance of new ....
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Nursing Metaparadigms: Health
.... Then as the nurse progressed along the continuum, her practice would .... training, frequent reflection, the formulation of insights, the acceptance of correction ....
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Asthma Patients
.... It seems that there is not yet generalized acceptance of NPs worldwide .... still prefer to get a doctor's opinion after getting attention from a nurse (Iliffe, 2000 ....
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.... bafflement, self pity, and acceptance (Travelbee, 1966, pp. 74 77). Theories of Watson Watson's theory of nursing is based on caring by the nurse (Chinn, Jacobs ....
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Issues in Nursing Administration
.... nurse who would bear the ultimate responsibility for the action. Responsibility, according to Huber (1996, p. 232) is defined as the allocation and acceptance ....
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PROFESSIONAL ISSUES Introduction This research a
.... The hospice nurse is also in a position to provide information to the patient's parents that will make acceptance and adaptation on their part easier. ....
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Nursing Philosophy
.... of the vast number of situations in which a nurse performs her .... it has widespread support, this philosophy has not found widespread acceptance, often because ....
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Transition Theory
.... Some longitudinal studies of novice nurse socialization have been conducted. .... refers to the individual's self-imposed acquisition and "acceptance of the social ....
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Governance in Nursing
.... Of all the techniques proposed, however, three gained the greatest acceptance. .... trend, for example, an HMO, does not impact on the nurse patient relationship to ....
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Patient Rights in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
.... Unfortunately, things get out of hand and Nurse Ratched discovers what has happened .... for mentally ill patients enjoyed a brief period of global acceptance in the ....
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.... To be an effective patient advocate, the nurse must not permit her or his .... of a treatment program in the absence of cost factors is unlikely to gain acceptance. ....
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Dorothea Orem's Conceptual Framework of Nursing
.... is deliberate human action involving reflection requiring the acceptance of human .... where an individual should be under nursing care, the nurse becomes "another ....
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.... In spite of the misgivings on the part of nurses, collective bargaining did gain some degree of acceptance in the profession .... International Nurse, 32(4), 110-117 ....
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