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  Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel Fresco Paintings
.... So, while Michelanglo's paintings look similar to other medieval artifacts and the other artworks of the Renaissance period, after the cleaning of the ceiling ....
(1431 6 )

Art Technique: A Case Study
.... Taken from the French words for "fool the eye", the term refers to paintings or other artworks that are so realistic that they fool the viewer's eye into ....
(1206 5 )

Early Renaissance Art
.... Though such distinctions are evident between early and late Renaissance artworks, early Renaissance paintings often depict the distinction from Byzantine Art ....
(1477 6 )

Asian Artworks
Asian Artworks. ASIAN ART Culture ESSAY ONE If we look at two paintings, one from China during the Tang Dynasty and one from the Edo period in Japan, we can see ....
(1237 5 )

17th Century Baroque Paintings
.... as decorative compositional devices, but Ruisdael makes them the subject of his paintings and imbues .... Artworks Flight into Egypt, c. 1600, Annibale Carracci. ....
(1579 6 )

The Seventh Seal
.... worn by the manager of the acting troupe, and in the artworks of the painter who depicts the horrors of the plague to frighten those who view his paintings. ....
(1738 7 )

Performance Art & Painting
.... of the artworks that are exhibited during the performance. It at least, if nothing else, more interactively shares an interpretation of the paintings with ....
(2766 11 )

John Berger's Ways of Seeing
.... He uses one of Gainsborough's paintings to reveal this. .... religiosity" (2). The camera also changed ways of seeing because of the ability to reproduce artworks. ....
(714 3 )

Style in art
.... artistic styles: We could not make such distinctions (plein-air paintings are made .... style as defined by art history is rooted in the belief that artworks from a ....
(976 4 )

Roman Republic Lit&Art
.... to enhance the esteem which is publicly accorded to foreign paintings at Rome .... Over time, these Roman artworks would become less "Greek" and more "Roman" in ....
(1206 5 )

Roman Republic Lit&Art
.... to enhance the esteem which is publicly accorded to foreign paintings at Rome .... Over time, these Roman artworks would become less "Greek" and more "Roman" in ....
(1473 6 )

Art Criticism
.... Gesterkamp in his review of the landscape paintings before him argues that .... He wishes to see artworks whose 'sthetic boundaries and whose social meaningfulness ....
(1891 8 )

IM Pei and the National Gallery
.... the relationship between the exhibition facilities and the artworks exhibited themselves .... to say what makes these freely brushed striped paintings so emotionally ....
(5374 21 )

Lorenzo de'Medici & The Arts in Florence
.... as a poet and as a commissioner, both direct and indirect, of artworks informed by .... He was not much interested in the visual arts: the paintings by which his ....
(2280 9 )

Peter Paul Rubens
.... Rubens produced over 1,000 paintings in a number of different genres. .... work, a mythology derived from Roman era myths and legends an from the artworks of Italy ....
(1773 7 )

Baroque era
.... This painting shows another element in many Dutch paintings of brothel scenes--they include the .... The work has much in common with other artworks of the era: His ....
(2108 8 )

Artistic Decoration of the Sistine Chapel
.... Michelangelo's views of art are expressed in writing and in the artworks themselves in .... in the household of Lorenzo de Medici, he studied the paintings of Giotto ....
(2585 10 )

.... Giorgione never signed or titled his paintings, and the fact that these works have gone by five or six different .... Many of Titian's artworks did not fare well. ....
(1513 6 )

African American Essays
.... VHS videos, cassettes, compact discs, photographs, paintings, sculpture and .... and Arturo SchomburgÆs persona holdings to thousands of artworks produced during ....
(1898 8 )

Keith Haring
.... of such artists as Jean Dubuffet, these underground artworks were bold .... figure; the work is quite different from traditional religious paintings, however, with ....
(1294 5 )

Persistence of Memory
.... of Memory, 1931, is one of Salvador DaliÆs most famous paintings, a visual .... Viewed on Apr 13, 2005:, 1 ....
(917 4 )

Persistence of Memory
.... of Memory, 1931, is one of Salvador DaliÆs most famous paintings, a visual .... Viewed on Apr 13, 2005:, 1 ....
(918 4 )

Women of the French Impressionist Movement
.... Manet was never accepted by the Salon - he was - but the paintings of his .... a "Salon des Refuses" - that is, an "alternative" exhibition of artworks refused by ....
(4058 16 )

.... boundaries as the degree of artisanship that was needed to produce artworks was becoming .... the modes of expression of high art (such as oil paintings) and the ....
(1843 7 )

Zen Art-Ten Oxherding Pictures
.... There is often a depth and loftiness within Zen artworks that is not revealed .... The ten paintings are mounted in one handscroll in the original form and measure ....
(4762 19 )

Aesthetic Views of the artist Raphael
.... consistency" (78) that the Church imposed on religiously themed paintings it that it .... But shifting levels of importance do not prevent artworks from having ....
(1499 6 )

Kurzweil on Intelligence & Human Machines
.... Those poems and paintings created by computers do not stem from original ideas .... This precludes the creation of artworks based on original ideas or feelings that ....
(2014 8 )

Emma Hamilton as Artists' Model
.... These paintings of Emma were part of a large-scale improvement project undertaken by Hamilton. .... She was also featured in the artworks in his book on volcanoes. ....
(3314 13 )

Chopsticks: Description, Uses and History
.... to a "mini art," "being covered with various designs and paintings," from the .... and spirituality to their use in decor, fashion and artworks, chopsticks continue ....
(3213 13 )

Public Art or Themed Entertainment in Las Vegas
.... countries, the idea of ôpublic arto tends to encompass paintings, sculptures, fountains .... Some public art is located in public places set aside for artworks. ....
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