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  Public Service Announcementsl
Various groups in recent years have produced public service announcements to be run on television or in print-ad versions to encourage young people not to ....
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Smoking Public Policy
.... reducing the number of smokers and dissuading those who have not yet smoked from doing so (ie, billboards, public service announcements, celebrity endorsements ....
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Need for Sex Education in Public Schools
.... and seventy-eight percent would like birth control messages on television programs, in advertising, and in public service announcements (Wattleton, 1989, p. 50 ....
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Anti-Smoking Campaigns With the passage of tougher new restric
.... Larry Hagman, of "Dallas" fame, appeared in Public Service Announcements across the country urging people to use a rubberband to quit smoking. ....
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LA County Department of Adoptions
.... The agency also organizes public service announcements which show children who are as yet unadopted and sometimes families who have just adopted an older child ....
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Teenage Smoking Health Risk
.... While mass-media public service announcements have been marshaled in recent years to counter the subtle come-hither messages of the tobacco industry embedded ....
(2087 8 )

Drug Abuse & Pregnancy
.... targeted. This could be achieved through public education, community agencies and programs, and media public service announcements. The ....
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Boys Don't Cry
.... in general. The production has done more for raising awareness than hundreds of public service announcements. Finally, public pressure ....
(2001 8 )

Smoking Infants
.... Programs like the "Great American Smokeout" and Vice President Al Gore's public service announcements aimed at preventing young people from smoking need to ....
(2842 11 )

Freewill or Fate
.... If determinism is true, then there should be no public service announcements asking children to say "no" to cigarette smoking, for example. ....
(1118 4 )

Infant Mortality and Prenatal Care In saving th
.... prenatal care. Public service announcements could encourage women who even suspect pregnancy to seek early prenatal care. According to ....
(1806 7 )

Alcohol Abuse
.... and without the help of AA This educational aspect of the program was further reinforced by actor Scott WolfÆs public service announcements about alcoholism ....
(2118 8 )

Integrating Family into Community
.... is elicited for community and school integration through newsletters, emails, community and school meetings and local public service announcements across a ....
(1057 4 )

Customer Service Innovations
.... their own agendas of cutting social service funding either .... that individuals are aware of the public hearings ahead .... to attend, but such announcements could not ....
(3908 16 )

American Culture in Roseanne & Grace Under Fire
.... Alcoholics Anonymous has recently become a major theme in the plotline of Party of Five, as well as in the public service announcements/advertisements for the ....
(1704 7 )

Movies, TV and their Consequences
.... programs telling viewers of violent content --each broadcast or cable channel to have a staff psychiatrist or researcher --public service announcements to be ....
(2044 8 )

Effects of Movies and TV
.... programs telling viewers of violent content --each broadcast or cable channel to have a staff psychiatrist or researcher --public service announcements to be ....
(2066 8 )

The Internet, e-Commerce & Government
.... taxation policy with respect to e-commerce retail sales; 3) the use of the Internet as a medium for online voting, public service announcements, tax payments ....
(3122 12 )

Mothers Against Drunk Driving
.... That explains the public service announcements (PSAs) sponsored by MADD, as well as other high-visibility educational programs. ....
(3174 13 )

Goals of Advertising
.... are presented at no charge, as a public service. .... convincing people that the product, service, or idea .... rule might include legal announcements intended to inform ....
(1944 8 )

The Amateur Sports Integrity Act
.... Wethington (2000) said the NCAA was taking other steps to fight gambling--including a series of "Don't Bet On It" public service announcements during this ....
(2073 8 )

Public Relations and Internal Stakeholders . In
.... that identifies policy and service changes, announces .... and Atkin (1989), effective public education and .... and pamphlets, and television or radio announcements. ....
(1429 6 )

Ideas for Starting & Expanding a Church
.... The pastor should place advertisements in the local paper, make use of press releases, and if possible make use of public service announcements (pp. 116, 117). ....
(2582 10 )

Ethics in Marketing
.... groups, and religious organizations to ban beer and wine commercials or at least require that ads for alcohol contain public service announcements warning of ....
(3831 15 )

Financial Discussion Questions
.... to improve our product or service, and more .... Organizational public relations shapes the interaction of .... its potential customers with announcements and promotions ....
(1659 7 )

Services Advertising by Dentists & Lawyers
.... practitioners were confined to specialty announcements, also called .... the evidence of some professional-service advertising in .... by reason of a high public profile ....
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.... Documents such as the home page, company news and announcements, or details of .... Well, it's a useful public service, and often they also serve as shop windows ....
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Cook & Chef
.... newsletters, as well as those for the general public. .... is placed on business letters, announcements and menus. .... are frequently used in the food service industry. ....
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.... Difficulty of widespread dissemination of program announcements Program done in .... on a large project with the National Public Broadcasting Service. ....
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US & Mid-East
.... back have been profitable and the announcements have, in .... the corporate, government, academia and public realms than .... and ethics seem like so much lip-service. ....
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