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purification temple
  Evolvement of Judaism
.... the dietary and daily purification laws became even more important because the table of the home became the place of purification in place of the temple. ....
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Themes in the Gospel of John
.... Although this incident involves Jesus purification of the temple, it also foreshadows his replacement of the temple as a symbol. ....
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II Maccabees 12-3: An Exegesis
.... Since the unifying image of II Maccabees is the purification of the Temple (10:1-8) where Maccabeus and his companions restore and ritualistically cleanse ....
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Vietnamese Immigrants to the US
.... Uniform shirts are the color of incense smoke used in purification ceremonies" (McGraw c3). One feature of temple-sponsored language instruction that reflects ....
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Biography of Hercules
.... are the twelve tasks he carries out as means of his own purification for the .... of the labours of Herakles are represented at Olympia: above the temple doors you ....
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.... There are no references to gilgul during the Second Temple period of Jewish history .... some that of mercy, its singular purpose was always the purification of the ....
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Images of the Deity in Egyptian Religious Belief
.... In that regard, Hornung says that the portable images of gods were carried out from the temple and into the outside world "on the .... His purification was done. ....
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The Dead Sea Scrolls
.... What is interesting is that it appears that Second Temple Jews accepted .... own transcendent speech community, using Hebrew as a means of purification to transcend ....
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Asian Religion and Technology
.... Bharatiya Janata Party leader Advani, launched a campaign movement to rebuild the temple to Ram .... The movement advocates personal ethics and moral purification. ....
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Prophets and Revelations
.... The presentation at the temple is a moment in the story of Christ when .... In taking the child to Jerusalem for presentation during their purification rites Joseph ....
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Chivalry in the Middle Ages
.... as a symbol of spiritual, perhaps as a guarantee of physical, purification; therefore he .... from Baldwin II a residence near the site of Solomon's Temple and were ....
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Effects of Pollution on Border Patrol Agents
.... to the supply pool directly when it is treated in a water purification plant and .... sulfates in smoke caused by the burning of fossil fuels (Temple, Riechers, and ....
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Analysis of the Four Gospels
.... the laborers in the vineyard, the expulsion of the money-lenders from the Temple, and the wine to .... Yet before God can be received, there must be purification. ....
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