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  Confucianism and Moral Leadership
.... According to Creel (38), in his quest to reclaim the golden age, Confucius "made no claim to the possession of the ultimate truth. ....
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Confucian Tradition & Early Chou Political Order
.... 1989, Confucius made available an attitude toward political and cultural development that would, as he hoped, reclaim the moral content of a new golden age. ....
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Ideas of the Good in Confucian & Aritotelian Traditions
.... an ethical content for those forms (jen), particularly as developed by the Confucian Mencius, Confucius sought to reclaim the moral content of the golden age. ....
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Ideas of Nature in Taoism, Confucianism, and Shintoism
.... is jen, the ethical content of the forms, Confucius developed cultural and political ideas that were meant to reclaim the moral content of a new golden age. ....
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Ancient Greek Virtrues and Modern Film
.... the shift in sensibility was that Golden Age tragedy yielded .... accomplishing a more prosperous old age, / then there .... of the modern culture to reclaim "faith in ....
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World Religions
.... content for those forms (jen), Confucius advocated adoption of an attitude toward human experience that would, as he hoped, reclaim the golden age of the 12th ....
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Mexican Culture, Art & Literary Artists
.... and "nationalism," he called for land reform - for the Indians of Mexico to reclaim their lands from .... Every revolution tries to bring back a Golden Age. ... ....
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The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes
.... Rivers The 1920s saw Langston Hughes come of age as a .... the "muddy bosom" turning at last "all golden in the .... the souls of black folk and reclaim their heritage ....
(1826 7 )

The Sorrow of War
.... and Kien skip a school meeting regarding "Three Golden Rules of .... at age 28 and ending at about age 40, dominate .... hopeful that he will find Phuong and reclaim her ....
(2590 10 )

Literary Treatments of Jewish Children
.... is Pageant, a young girl's coming of age story that .... The grown up idea of America as the golden land of .... notes an almost wistful tendency to reclaim the heritage ....
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Women & the Environment in Cather's Work The Story of Woman and ...
.... the Southwest, and it allows her to reclaim her first .... in search of the Golden Fleece, the Golden Apples, the .... be seen as symbolic of the modern age's betrayal of ....
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HG Wells as a Historian
.... well as content irrevocably: Once the machine age had been .... is an elite society of airmen who reclaim the air .... Aristotle might have referred to as a golden mean. ....
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