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reflecting feelings
  Intercultural experiences
.... The four strategies of active listening are: clarifying, paraphrasing, reflecting feelings, and summarizing (Perkins 1999). Clarifying ....
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Styles of Counseling Leadership
.... perspectives, etc.) The Rogerian leadership style is best known for its counselor/therapist communication technique of "reflecting feelings." Here, the ....
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Nondirective Play Therapy
.... expression in an environment of safety, intervening when such safety may appear to be at risk, and to participate by reflecting actions, feelings, and meanings ....
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.... person-centered therapy emphasizes a non-directive approach in which a good proportion of feedback is aimed at reflecting the thoughts and feelings of the ....
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The role of the myth in poetry
.... mythical monologue, Tennyson is able to develop clearly certain thoughts, feelings, and forms .... the first part, lines 1-43, the aging king is reflecting on his ....
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Life and Personality Theory of Carl Rogers
.... system on the client. Students often misunderstand the value of reflecting back the feelings of the client. Rogers has been willing ....
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Influence of Romantic Poets on Dylan Thomas
.... so in others, but always the poetry developed from the feelings of the .... imbued the landscape with human life, passion, and expressiveness, reflecting in part ....
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Teaching College Algebra: A Comparison of Methods
.... in Appendix A, includes 20 questions concerning thoughts and feelings about mathematics .... subjects were also be given a pretest reflecting preexisting mathematics ....
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A Group and Its Leader
.... of articulating their feelings through a combination of language and subtle introduction of "loaded" expressions. For example, when reflecting back to members ....
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Heart of Darkness
.... In addition, Marlow notes that the Romans considered the Britons to be uncivilized and savage, reflecting the feelings of the European imperialists toward the ....
(1773 7 )

Depression Subtypes
.... These include the use of repressive defenses, feelings of helplessness, emotional lability .... higher than did non BPD subjects on items reflecting both dependency ....
(911 4 )

The use of Poetry Writing as Psychotherapy
.... the products and processes of poetry have been perceived as reflecting, or even .... of therapy in a number of settings to help patients recognize their feelings. ....
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"My Papa's Waltz" and "Daddy"
.... can also be argued that the obviously mature writer of the poem, reflecting back on .... The feelings of the children for their fathers cannot be said to change in ....
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.... course of treatment, the patient eventually transfers important feelings to the .... the process can take years of talking, listening, reflecting, interpreting, and ....
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Application of Social Work Models to a Case
.... of the Functional model were formulated by Smalley (1967); reflecting their foundational .... service need and the client's general views and feelings about that ....
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Poems by Sylvia Plath
.... Plath in this context sees herself as the victim of men, reflecting her warning in .... In "Poppies in October" we find Plath expressing the feelings of a woman who ....
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Group Process and Dynamics
.... For example, methods used for the children's group to vent feelings included writing .... organizing my thoughts, realizing what I had learned, and reflecting on my ....
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Depression in Adolescents
.... used to examine whether treatment produced elevations in adolescents' feelings of self .... from the posttest score to produce a gain score reflecting the amount of ....
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Health Counseling & Guidance in Schools
.... developmental interventions and recommends the concept of wellness, a paradigm reflecting a concern .... Almost all children suffer sometimes from feelings of fear ....
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Church's and Counseling
.... Counselors often must contend with burnout, feelings of ineffectiveness and .... Responding includes the techniques of leading, reflecting, questioning, confronting ....
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Therapy for a Family
.... One helpful aspect of the Reflecting Team and the Solution Focused Treatment .... is no longer interested in her which could be accompanied by feelings of loneliness ....
(1420 6 )

"This Bridge Called My Back"
.... The writers express the feelings both of themselves as children and of themselves as .... and not just around women who fit a narrow stereotype reflecting a core ....
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.... In terms of expressing feelings, it should be noted that in .... pasting; poor reading comprehension; difficulties sustaining; digesting or reflecting upon material ....
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Goals & Objectives of Adult Education
.... they were prior to enrollment; many also have stronger feelings of confidence .... an unexpectedly extensive use of the principles and practices, reflecting in part ....
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Coping Strategies
.... Productive coping strategies entail "reflecting on and tackling the problem .... nonproductive coping strategies address the regulation of feelings, which are ....
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LITERATURE REVIEW: Coping Strategies
.... Productive coping strategies entail "reflecting on and tackling the problem .... nonproductive coping strategies address the regulation of feelings, which are ....
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How TV Influences Viewers
.... However, it can also be seen that television provides feelings of emotional .... Most experts agree that television serves the purpose of reflecting popular culture ....
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Group Counseling Therapy
.... breakthroughs of the therapy to the task of displacing feelings and perceptions .... American social structure, which has moved toward a society reflecting what has ....
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Video Therapy Analysis: A Case Study
.... have helped Kevin discover new ways of dealing with his feelings of anger. .... I believe that he is reflecting on my alternative perspective of his situation. ....
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Analysis of Advertisements
.... Leventhal (1970) showed that unpleasant feelings, fear in particular, are very effective .... TASTE Marmel (1990), argues that TV is merely reflecting public taste ....
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