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  Self & Mind-Body Relationship
.... Conclusion Notions of self, the mind-body relationship and human freedom and happiness lie at the center of the debate over therapeutic forgetting. ....
(1154 5 )

Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud on Human Nature
.... For Marx, the hidden force is economic and involves the relationship of the human being to labor, while for Freud the hidden force is found in theoretical ....
(1863 7 )

Relationship Between Society & the Individual
.... dominates. Marx sees the human being as defined in terms of work, production, and his or her relationship to what is produced. Marx ....
(1986 8 )

Sources of Human Behavior
.... question and central to control theories is the notion that human nature is .... deviant or criminal behavior because of their fear that the relationship they have ....
(2209 9 )

Spiritual Orientation and its Relationship to Heal
.... it(s understanding of the physical world, a definitive relationship between relative .... Rather, Hinduism, through the avenue of human rational, views all of ....
(4225 17 )

Theological Relationship Between Milton & Augustine
.... would be incorrect to make too much of the theological relationship between Milton .... Augustine insists on the doctrine of free will, ie, human responsibility for ....
(4765 19 )

.... of organizational commitment is a joint responsibility of human resources management .... which organizations and their members are seen in an exchange relationship. ....
(4505 18 )

The Human Brain The human brain is physiologically a gland. T
.... Dart, R. (1956). The Relationship of Brain Size and Brain Pattern to Human Status. South African Journal of Medical Science, 21, 23 45. Ferguson, M. (1973). ....
(2573 10 )

Maslow's Model of Human Behavior & Motivation
.... of stimuli, relied on the direct relationship between the stimulus and the response behavior. Maslow's (1954) Hierarchy of Needs model of human behavior and ....
(2058 8 )

Strategic Human Resource Management
.... By the 1980s human resource management was a common concept which was used more .... approach it does not allow for an understanding of the relationship between HRM ....
(1841 7 )

Self, Mind-Body, and Freedom
.... Conclusion Notions of self, the mind-body relationship and human freedom and happiness lie at the center of the debate over therapeutic forgetting. ....
(1154 5 )

A Philosophy of Human Culture
.... has more "facts" about human existence than ever before, but no method for organizing or understanding those facts or their deeper meaning or relationship. ....
(1589 6 )

AN EXPERIMENT IN HUMAN MEMORY Abstract One hypothesis was tested in .... Statistical significance of the analysis of variance relationship was established through ....
(1989 8 )

An Experiment in Human Memory
AN EXPERIMENT IN HUMAN MEMORY Abstract One hypothesis was tested in .... Statistical significance of the analysis of variance relationship was established through ....
(1999 8 )

Euthanasia & the Protection of Human Dignity
.... The purpose of medical science is to alleviate human suffering, not to prolong it .... two will become the parent to the other's child in the relationship, and this ....
(1940 8 )

Dorothy Orem's Self-Care Model
.... Self-care deficit is the relationship between human properties of therapeutic self-care demand and self-care agency which is not operating efficiently enough ....
(4492 18 )

The Nature of Reality and Philosophy
.... In examining the world and the relationship of the human mind to the world, Plato found that ideas, as he used the term, are not only something in human ....
(1645 7 )

.... Something shifted at the core of things (Gibson, p. 117)." It is the relationship between the human and the world of a virtual reality encapsulated in the ....
(1723 7 )

.... Becker and Murphy (p. S13) based the assumption of a relationship between human capital an economic growth on observations of the American economy that ....
(3884 16 )

Mate Selection
.... Each individual seeks an intimate relationship with one other human being, comparing possibilities with a list devised by a long process of evolution and ....
(1844 7 )

US Trade with China
.... One of the major issues in the US-China relationship is human rights. Conservative Christian groups in America criticize China's persecution of Christians. ....
(1861 7 )

Life and Death
.... The literatures of the world show this obsession as writers have considered the meaning of the soul, its nature, and its relationship to human salvation in the ....
(1748 7 )

Collective Bargaining and Human Resource Managers
.... Human resource professionals must be able to negotiate effectively, or to .... represent the company's interest, recognizing that the relationship between employees ....
(2626 11 )

Marital and Family Therapy
.... of the human mind, its need to draw distinctions and patterns, as well as the dynamic interaction that occurs within a therapist-client relationship. ....
(1164 5 )

.... Because the model is a disequilibrium model, the examination of the relationship between the .... model, whereas in the past it had relied on the human capital model ....
(2566 10 )

Jacob in the Book of Genesis
.... straightforward and stalwart champion." Wrestling with the angel can also be interpreted as symbolic of the fact that the relationship between human beings and ....
(2746 11 )

John Locke and Thomas Hobbes
.... While each sees a relationship between human beings and their government in terms of human beings ceding certain powers to government in order to secure ....
(1671 7 )

The Theme of Return to Nature in Poets of the Romantic Age
.... Coleridge shared a long and intimate friendship, they differed significantly in their attitude toward the relationship between Mother Nature and Human Nature. ....
(2457 10 )

Chinua Achebe's Novel Arrow of God
Chinua Achebe, in his novel Arrow of God, explores in the character of Ezeulu the nature of the relationship between the human and the divine. ....
(1143 5 )

US-Canada Security Relationship in Post 9/11 Era
.... its sovereignty in dealings with the United States, the security relationship between the .... of view, is the result of forces inherent in human nature (Morgenthau ....
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