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  Selection of School Superintendents
.... This chapter reviews literature in support of a study investigating the selection of school superintendents by boards of education or district school boards. ....
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Issues & Changes in Public School Education
.... As a consequence, teachers, administrators, and school boards may all be under greater pressure to deliver services more efficiently with less funds, less ....
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Relationships Between Board of Education & Superintendents
.... In a position paper, The New York School Boards Association (41-88) stated that most conflicts develop between supervisors and board members because Board ....
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Human Resources Contract Arbitration
.... School bond issues are difficult for local school boards to pass because of resistance among taxpayers to increases, many of who view their tax dollars as ....
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.... between the state and the schools, parents and public" (Cross, 1997, p. 2). Redefining the superintendent's job is happening even as school boards, and in some ....
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Special Education Placement
.... In the amice brief (2001) filed by the National School Boards Association and the Illinois Association of School Boards on behalf of Superintendent Clay and ....
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Education Law: Special Education Placement
.... In the amice brief (2001) filed by the National School Boards Association and the Illinois Association of School Boards on behalf of Superintendent Clay and ....
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An overview of American schools
.... Local school boards, superintendents, teachers, students, and community members all are part of what is called the American system of education. ....
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References Battishtich, V., Watson, M., Solomon
.... California School Boards Association. (1982). .... Sacramento, CA: California School Boards Association. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 226 484). ....
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Enforcing School Policy
.... Royer (1995) argues this same point, that state boards of education (just like school boards on the local level) should avoid the perils of getting too caught ....
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.... By the end of the 1960s, signs of change became dramatically evident. School boards did not assign pupils by race to their schools. ....
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Canadian Teachers & The Law
.... School boards are more often sued than teachers and the doctrine of "vicarious liability" mandates that all employers are liable for the actions of their ....
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Organization, Bureaucracy and the American Way of Life
.... that personnel policies are the primary determinant of good or poor relations between teachers and their administrators since most school boards have ignored ....
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The role of the teacher/Coach
.... is that these teacher/coaches are under the same pressure as full-time coaches to win, to please the parents, to please the fans, and please the school boards. ....
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Diversity in Public Schools
.... This was a challenge, not only to school boards who were certain that they knew the one best way to train and educate a child, but also to the teachers. ....
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Legal Questions and Answers This question asks whether a federal
.... By expanding the focus beyond the district level, the court would be stripping the locally-elected school boards of their historic powers over education in ....
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Personnel Selection & Placement
.... Of special interest is her section on termination which details some of the risks that school boards face when failing to properly inform prospective employers ....
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Creationism and Evolution
.... Changing the state's science-education standards in that way effectively set up the conditions for local school boards in Kansas to adopt creationism as the ....
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School Superintendency
.... They become symbols, and often scapegoats, replaced when communities or school boards cannot come to agreement about district policy or direction (Ain, 2000). ....
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Entrepreneurial Spirit in Government
.... They suggest, for example, that the federal government should reduce its involvement in education, giving more power to the state and local school boards. ....
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Legal Aspects of Public School Administration
.... According to Newman (1990), "in most states teacher strikes are against the law, and the United States Supreme Court has ruled that school boards can fire ....
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School Principal's Effectiveness Introduction The purpo
.... Indeed, the author states that most conflict is between Superintendents and School Boards rather than between Superintendents and school administrators. ....
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History of the Common School Movement
.... consecutive. This requirement only applied where public schools existed but put some pressure on school boards to provide schools. Other ....
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School Vouchers and New Forms of Schools
.... They are sponsored by local school boards, universities, and others, and must achieve specific educational goals within three to five years or have their ....
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SBM & Public School Reform
.... SBM does not change the legal governance system of schools, and school boards do not give up authority by sharing" (Myers & Stonehill, 1993, p. 2). The board's ....
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Trends for a School Library
.... School boards are avoiding such lawsuits by having students, parents, and teachers sign Internet Usage Agreements, in which all parties agree to certain ....
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Improving High School Education
.... education? Or are there many goals, all important, and all juggled by school boards and school districts and education professionals? The ....
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Administrators Perceptions of School Vouchers
.... parents, or others from the public or private sector) and the sponsors who oversee the provisions of the charter (local school boards, state education boards ....
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The Public School in the Politics of the 1870s
.... By this action, public school boards attempted to counter the accusations of the Catholics that the Protestants were imposing religion on students with other ....
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Benefits of a school breakfast program
.... would increase average student's test scores by 18 percent (Tingling-Clemmons, 1991, p. 37), most school boards would be recalled if they did not accept it. ....
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